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Cat defecating on new comforter

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Hi all,
My wife and I moved to a new home just six days ago. So far our kitty, Sasha, has handled things pretty well.
But, my wife also purchased a new comforter for our bedroom. So far kitty has defecated twice on the bed.
Kitty is used to sleeping on the bed with us and cries all night to get in the bedroom.
How can I help kitty adjust to the new comforter and end her pooping on the bed.
Thanks for any help.
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I would first off take the kitty to the vet to rule out a health problem. That would be the first thing.

Once it has been cleared of health issues, then you tackle it differently.

It could be stress related, the move is recent, and cats do not like change. Is she not allowed in your bedroom now? You say she is used to sleeping with you, but cries to get in the bedroom. Are you keeping her out because you are afraid she will poop on your comforter again?

When cats poop on personal items, it is usually stress related. The combination of their scent combined with yours will allow them to calm down.

You can start feeding her on the bed, cats will not poop where they eat-

Is your litterbox clean enough? Big enough? Private enough? Is it covered? uncover it-did you change litter? switch it back? Add a second box- even a third.

She may want the old comforter back, place that on the floor for her folded up as a bed, or put it on your bed folded up and see if she sleeps there. With her whole world changing, losing that familar object may be more than she can deal with.

But first and foremost take this kitten to the vet. Stress can and will make a cat sick, and moving is stressful.
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Since you have recently moved, Sasha is probably experiencing a lot of stress. The poop problem is likely a result of the stress. Go to a pet supply store (like PetsMart) and buy a Feliway Comfort Zone plug-in. This puts out an unscented (to us) pheramone which serves to calm stressed kitties.

Make sure you completely remove the scent of her poop. Do not use bleach or amonia as many cats actually find that more appealing and will be more likely to pee or poop if it has been washed with either of these. Chances are that the dye in the new comforter is appealing or uncomfortable to her. So, take the comforter and wash it using the same detergent you use to wash your clothes. This will make it smell more like home and she won't need to put her scent on it to make herself feel more comfortable.

Until you have a chance to wash it, cover the comforter with torn-open plastic trash bags to keep her off of it.

Click here for a thread with lots of ideas to try.
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I saw an immediate thing to change.
I placed kitty's box, food and water in the same close proximity. I have moved food and water to a seperate location.
I think the problem may be with the comforter itself. It is brand new to her and we had the other comforter her entire life. Also, my wife bought the comforter on e-bay. The lady said she only had it out once and put it on her bed to take a photo of it. She may have had cats though and there could be the scent of a strange cat present.
We were not allowing kitty to sleep with us for the few days we've lived here for fear of an incident like this. Should I continue to exclude her from the room for another week or so.
Kitty has now been in the new house for five nights.
Thanks for your help so far.
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Since Sasha is used to sleeping with you and is now locked out and stuck alone at night in this new place, she is likely to be more stressed than before. Please let her sleep with you. Until you are able to wash the comforter, simply take it off the bed at night and stick it in the closet. Then when you make the bed in the morning, just shut the door to keep her out of the room or cover the comforter with plastic.

Again, please let her return to sleeping with you. It will help ease her stress.
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