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going to the dentist tuesday....

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the one molar that i been having problems flared up on thursday nite worse than it has b4. So i decided i better not mess with it any longer and make an apt and if it needs to get pulled then im just getting it done already. Well i found a dentist who is going to take me tuesday at 12.30. I told the receptionist my problem and she said she was going to make my appt for 1/2 hr just incase they needed to pull it that day. Im glad i did make the apt, cause all weekend long it has been bothering me a bit, nothing unbearable tho. i bought list little red cross tooth kit and it comes with this stuff called eugenol that you put on your tooth to numb the pain and its awesome. Just now i noticed the gum is getting puffy tho. Ive put off the dentist for soooo long, but i figured i better not mess around any longer. im starting to get scared lol. ill let everyone know how it goes lol.
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Good luck!!!

Rather than pull the tooth, surely there is an option to save it!!! Given dental technology now, there is really no reason to pull a tooth anymore. Most can be saved. Pulling teeth leaves gaps and room for tooth movement which leads to more problems and even more unsightly looking teeth.

I go next week for my twice yearly cleaning! I'm so excited that I can hardly wait! I love going to the dentist! I know, I'm crazy!
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Sounds like an abscess to me and also sounds like another dentist appt since he may just send you home with drugs until the abscess goes down some.
Either way, good luck and lots of
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thanks, im really glad im finally going. Cause im going to get all my teeth fixed and start keeping up on them again. i brush everyday i just havent been to a dentist in a few years cause im afraid.
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Good to hear! Great that you brush everyday but do you floss? Be prepared, your dentist is going to ask
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ill be totally honest, i dont floss. I actually brush my teeth 2x in a row in the AM tho, cause i drink coffee and i try to get all the staining off. I also do the listerine in the AM.
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