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New addition, Zelda the kitty!

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So, since January I've seen a cat up for adoption at Pet Supplies Plus. All her kittens were adopted but she was still there. I held one of the kittens, he was so sweet! I filled out an application Wednesday and went to bring her home today. She is settling in so I didn't get that many pictures of her. She's really nice, but a little nervous. I have her set up in the spare room, so she can get used to the new smells of my resident pets before they are introduced. I also want to get her checked out at the vet before she meets the rest of the crew.

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Oooo! A fluffy grey girl! She's adorable!
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Such a pretty cat!!! Her fur looks so soft!
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She's gorgeous! Good for your for adopting the momma and not a baby! I hope everything goes well at the vet as well as introducing her to the rest of your gang!

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Zelda is stunning and beautiful! Good on you for adopting an older cat, and a mama to boot. I'm sure she'll settle in pretty soon.
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Zelda is a beautiful girl!
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Thanks for the compliments. She is so so so sweet. And she loves to be petted, and I love petting her soft fur! She is my first long furred cat. She's settling in very nicely. Every time I go in to her room she'll stand up against me so I will pet her.
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oh a nice grey girl! I have a grey male cat..named smokey :-) and of 2 black ones
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She is a pretty girl her fur is so shiny
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Originally Posted by Washu View Post

This pic just screams "I'm too sexy for my fur, too sexy for my fur" LOL.

She is a beauty for sure. Congrats on your new baby
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