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Do Cats Have Periods?

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All of my cats are neutered, but 3...just haven't got it done yet...all females. They are all pure white, so I have always noticed a little drainage during the time of their heat cycle. However, Baby, who is 4 years old has gotten to the point where she leaves slimy reddish brown spots on the floor and elsewhere. She is "chubby" and can't clean herself, so her rear is covered...her tail also. Besides, this is such a mess, she couldn't clean it all. I wipe it off for her, but she DOESN'T like it ALL!! This makes me think that she is sensitive in that "area" like they are during heat. There is no odor, and she is healthy and happy. I should also include that she is "mama" to the other cats. She allows them to "nurse" on her. I am wondering if that keeps her hormones at a high peak at all times anyway. She doesn't have milk, because I wondered if in some weird way, she might end up producing it, since she gets so much pleasure from it. Oh my, I love the world cats and their nature. **LOL** Anyway....this discharge or drainage, is not all the time, just periodically, so that is why I am wondering if it could be her heat cycle. The other 2 carry on and cry and holler. There is NO question when that they are in heat! I'm wondering if she is being satisfied from "nursing".....also, her hormones "stimulated". Any input would appreciated. I've had cats all my life, but never faced anything like this!! **LOL**
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No they do not. Your cat needs to see a vet.
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Cats don't have periods, This discharge could be a sign of infection! I would get her to a vet right away. I would get her spayed ASAP!! There is an infection that female cats can develop in their uterus....I would really try to get her to a vet.Good luck!!
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Your cat needs to see a vet.
She could have pyometra which can kill a cat.
My Meeko had it and the color discharge you said your cat has sounds like it.
Cats do not bleed when they are in heat.
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Oh dear God in Heaven! Thank You, thank you so much! I will make an appointment as soon as the holiday is over! I never thought about it being serious as she was so normal and happy! She never showed any sign of stress or discomfort. Again thank you so very much.

- Linda who is owned by 17 cats.

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I hope you get her to a vet ASAP and get it looked at.

I would also get all your girls spayed ASAP - it is much better for them healthwise, and you don't want to keep putting them through the hormones associated with going through heat cycles.

Good luck!
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Sounds like it could be pyometra. Vaginal discharge which can be blood tinged or not is a tell tale sign. Pyometra basically means the uterus fills with pus, and eventually it can rupture. If this happens without IMMEDIATE surgery, death is imminent. With each heat cycle, especially when a litter is produced, the risk of pyometra increases.

Get her in to see your vet ASAP to get her spayed. Bless you for being an observant and concerned meowmy. Best of luck!
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If it is pyometra, and this has been going on now for a bit, I wouldn't wait and take her to the e-vet ASAP. If it bursts, it could kill her.
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My Nova is spayed and had a discharge coming from her lady bits. It turns out that because she's chubby and can't clean herself properly, she developed a skin infection. I have to apply an ointment to it. I also have to help her stay clean by wiping her lady areas with baby wipes. Your cat could have pyometra, but your cat could also have what Nova had. In either case, it is unpleasant for your cat. My vet told me that left untreated, a skin infection can damage cells a great deal and lead to cancer.

I hope you find out what's wrong with your kitty.

ETA: Nova hates being wiped too.
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Its not normal and you should work on getting them spayed ASAP - you are putting them at risk for developing pyometra (infection of the uterus) or cancers.

Please get them spayed quickly.
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I am going to get on this ASAP. One good thing is that all my cats are inside cats, so I don't have to worry about any of them becoming pregnant. I guess that's why I have been lax in getting these last 3 spayed. With 17, I've done it in stages. I realize that it is entirely my fault, and I shall rectify it immediately.
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Please please take the advice and go to the emergency vet tonight! Pyometra is very very serious. It doesn't matter if they are indoor or outdoor, she needs to see a vet today.
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I hope you have seen a vet by now, and got all your females booked in. As they are adults and unneutered, please do monthly breast exams on them, as they may be at risk of mammary cancer later in life, and a quick check monthly could help catch it in time to be treated, as it is very aggressive and spreads quickly, so it isn't caught in time with most cats. EAch heat increases their risk of it.
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