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Short nose causing sinus problems?

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So, my newest addition, Danny, has some breathing issues. He has this incredibly loud purr and often sounds...well nasally. It's hard to describe, kind of like a wheeze behind the purr? And he'll often (3-4 times a week) have a spell where it sounds like he's gagging, but if you listen closer it sounds more like he's having a wheezing attack. Think of a person with emphysema. Also, he'll snore from time to time and sneezes frequently. AND, he pants all the time. He and my other young one Harvey run after each other like crazy, but after 2-3 minutes I'll hear Danny panting.

Now, some background on Danny. He's about 7mo and was previously a clinic cat where I work. When we first noticed his sinus issue he was given a thorough exam, including x-rays of his sinuses and lungs. The x-ray revealed nothing abnormal, other than his nasal passages looked a little narrow. We thought perhaps it was allergies. So, we tried him on several different meds with little improvement.

He is a DSH, but has an incredibly short nose for a domestic. Not squished at all like a persian, but just shorter than I would call normal. I know persians and the like can have sinus issues as well as all the shorter muzzled dogs. He has no other symptoms (no nasal or eye discharge, lethargy, or anything else that may suggest infection/illness). He's had these issues since he was about 4-5mo old.

Anybody have any experience with something like this? Otherwise he's a healthy, happy boy. Just curious if anybody else has had a cat that suffered from these symptoms, and what, if anything, did you do?
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Have you considered asthma or something like nasal polyps? (Do kitties get polyps?)
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^iirc they can.

Danny's face looks perfectly normal from the picture. It could still be allergy related if you want to give extra cleaning around the house a try - it certainly wouldn't hurt.
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