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Litter box dilema

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I was wondering if anyone has ever had a similar problem with their cat as I have. I adopted a beautiful female cream persian from the Humane society (her name is Peaches). I've had Peaches for 7 months now and I just love her to death. She's my foo-foo kitty. But Peaches is high maintenance when it comes to her litter box. If she goes in it once (either pee or poop) she won't use it again. This is a problem because I work and have a little bit of a life outside the house! I can't be there scooping out the box throughout the day! The good thing is, Peaches is very thoughtful. If she has to pee she waits. If she has to poop, she'll go on one spot just outside her box on the wood floor. Any suggestions?

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There is a very easy solution. Get her a second litter box! If you read through other posts about this issue, you will see that many cats will not pee and poop in the same box. Adding a second box always solves the problem.
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I know it's expensive, but have you thought about one of the automated litterboxes, like the Littermaid? That one is readily available everywhere, but there are a lot of them out there. There's one that actually flushes kitty's business right into your sewer lines - how cool is that?
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I have tried the two litter box thing once. I put a second one in my craft room but she wouldn't use it. I wonder if it was just the location she didn't like. I want to get another cat but I have a feeling it would cause even more litter box problems.

I've seen the automatic litter boxes. They are very cool. I've been waiting and hoping that the price eventually goes down on them!
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Target has the littermaid on sale from time to time. I even got one used through the paper for $50.00. Maybe if you placed a wanted ad? Some folks cats won't use them but my Persians like them and have no problems at all with them.
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Thank you everyone, for all your suggestions. I'm going to try changing the type of litter I buy to an unscented and look for a good price on a littermaid! I did check the solutions list and I believe I've tried about everything else listed there!

The funny thing about it is, Peaches seems to know she shouldn't poop in that spot outside her box. All I have to do is scowl at her. If I catch her just before the act, she looks at me with this guilty look and runs over to the litter box, keeping her eyes on me the whole time!
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Maybe a little more play time? Seems kitty wants your attention.
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I merged your threads so that readers wouldn't get confused. We like to keep posts about the same thing together so it will be clearer for those who are trying to keep up on what's going on. I hope you don't mind!

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