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New Cat - Just started throwing up

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I've never had a cat before, but a week ago I took in an 18-month-old stray. He'd been wandering around my mom's house and was being fed by a neighbor. I had his wellness checkup and got the neutering done and he seems mostly fine.

Yesterday morning though, I noticed he started retching but he didn't throw up. This morning I woke up to find that he had thrown up sometime during the night, and about an hour after he ate he started retching again but didn't throw up.

I'm feeding him half a can of wet mixed with 1/8 cup of dry in the morning and evening. I think this is right, but I'm not sure, and I'm not sure why he's sick, or even if he is sick. He's such a sweet kitty, and I feel awful that something I'm doing could be making him sick.
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It could just be from switching foods. Give it a couple of days and see if he gets used to it. He doesn't seem tired or anything other than the retching? If he's still doing it in a few days I'd take him back to the vet and see what they say.
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He's been on this for a week now, and yesterday was the first time I noticed anything. Can it take that long to adjust? He's not tired at all. Last night he was very playful and his appetite is fine too.

I wish I could call the vet today, but the soonest I can do anything is Tuesday.
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If you're mixing the wet and the dry in the same bowl, try separating them out. He might be having a hard time with the dry kibble in the wet food. Also, what exactly are you feeding him? It could be that something in the food doesn't agree with his tummy and he's getting gas. Normally, cats can't eliminate gas like humans, so what goes down, hits the gas in the tummy, and comes back up.

You might want to try boiling some chicken in water with no seasonings, shredding it with two forks, mix in some of the broth to about the consistency of chicken salad. See if he'll eat that and if it calms his tummy.
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He's eating Friskies Indoor Select and Friskies Feline Favorites. I read somewhere that mixing could be good because it gets them hydrated and the kibble is good for their teeth. I'm wondering if I should just feed him wet and use the kibble as treats.
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Well, I'm a big fan of wet only or 99% wet and 1% dry as wet is really so much better for them. You can visit the food forum for more info on foods, though.

I do feed mine both wet and dry, but not at the same time. One of mine turns her nose up at wet, so she only gets some raw chicken and pumpkin twice a day (with a bit of water). My other kitty gets 2 meals of wet a day. She gets approx 1/8C of dry food, mainly for little kitty snacks. Once at lunch and once in the evening.
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He could have a sensitive stomach or be allergic to one of the ingredients. Our cat can't eat any food with chicken or grain in it, otherwise he throws it up. Look at the ingredients, maybe that's it.
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