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Do you think...

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If you ever were to get divorced or something were to happen to your husband, would you ever remarry or date again?
Steve made a comment to me last night(being sarcastic) that noone would want me since I am so bitchy all the time,,, I don't even think I would want another man though due to lack of trusting...since I barely trust Steve anyway.....soo..what would you do?
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I don't think I would, but not because of any great romantic sentiment. I LOVED living alone, depending on no one but myself, not have to answer to anyone but myself. I liked not having to provide for anyone else, or depending on someone else and being disappointed (Honey, did you do the dishes at all this week? Nope, I forgot. Oh, I forgot to notice the rotting food in the sink too. Sorry. (It's not really that bad)). I liked not having to plan around someone else, clean up after someone else. I liked not being able to blame someone else (sounds strange, huh?) for the messes. It was my fault, my problem, my solutions.

Living with someone, let alone maintaining a relationship, is very hard work.
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hmm I don't know. I HATE being alone, but then again I don't think anyone could live up to my hubby.
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No way, I married my husband for life. We took vows, and I would never dream of taking those vows with any other man during my lifetime.
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I've been both divorced and widowed and have remarried after both. Due to the financial aspect, Bill and I will probably not get married. This is only a problem for my parents, Pentecostals that they are. Mom conveniently tries to forget that she and my stepfather had an affair, before divorcing their respective spouses and lived together, for over a year before getting married. Back then, it took a year to finalize a divorce. My (step)dad is more open-minded about it. HE undrstands the economic realities and just wants me to be happy and secure.
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Well in Australia it takes 3 months till a divorce is finalised. I think they have made it to easy to get out of a marriage that you set yourself up for life.

I don't think you should marry someone if you do not "trust" this person, or if they ever cheated on you why would you wanna trust them anyway? If they are not 100% committed to you then find someone who is.

My parents almost got a divorce last year. My mum had Anurisms and had a major operation. She thought that she had a 2nd chance at life and said bye bye to my dad. After being by herself for 6 weeks (not really that long) she realised she did the wrong thing. They got back together and brought a new house and are happier then they have ever been. They swore they wouldn't get remarried but i suppose you never know until your in that situation. Also if you found a man in the first place, you will find another who will "put up with you".
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I divorced and remarried fairly rapidly after 20+ years of marriage. Did I think I would? No. Why did I? Because I found my soul mate, a man who seems to "complete" my life. My only regret is that we didn't find each other sooner.
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Difficult question. I will have been married half my life on June 27th. At age 46, I think the chances of meeting someone else who is "suitable" and falling in love are pretty slim. A close friend is 47, and has been widowed for 12 years. Most of the men she meets are "unhappily married". She's smart, attractive, sociable and fun, but there is a definite lack of "available" men who are worthwhile getting involved with. My grandmother was widowed at 50 and remarried at 52. Her second husband was no prize: he cheated on her, tried to molest my sister and me (and was badly bitten by his own dog when we screamed - served him right), drank to excess, etc., etc.. It amazes me that she stuck it out with him for over 20 years.
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My feeling about it right now is that I would not remarry or anything were my husband to die, but after some years of healing and meeting someone who can say what they would do.
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I really think it depends on who you meet. it is possible to fall in love more then once in a lifetime and that doesn't mean that your previous love means any less to you, it just means that you have more love in your life!
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I have to say, this question really makes me think of my Dad. My mother passed away 3 1/2 years ago. He was absolutely devoted to her, he always said "She may not be a cover model, but I married the only 10 I ever met."

Now, he's dating again and I mean DATING! He's got 3 or 4 girlfriends around the state (he travels with his job) and is having a blast. 3 of the 4 are younger than me! He said he doesn't like women his age (he's 60) because they are all either boring or bitter - don't want to have fun and do things or are just mad or sad because someone either left them or died.

I didn't think that my Dad would date after Mom, but he's only human. He needs companionship just like every person. He even told me that he needs feminine influence in his life because he gets way too masculine without it.

So really, I think it doesn't matter how much you love someone. Whether you are left behind because someone dies or because they leave you, you will still have basic human needs of companionship. Whether you fill that with friends or another "lover" (meaning being in love, not necessarily physical) depends on the person.
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I've felt for years that if anything happened I have no desire to have a boyfriend or marry again. I'm seperated now and still feel the same. Just figure I'm almost 45 and don't need the hassles! And I like to do things my way!
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Married the first time at 15 years old, divorced at 20, remarried 1 & 1/2 months later, been married to # 2 for 11 years if anything happens to this marriage there will never be a # 3.
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I say I wouldn't but you never know. My s/o would be a tough act to follow. He's great!
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