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Pinky puffy rectum

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Okay I just had another vet visit for my little male kitten and he explained to me he goods great, after six weeks of trying get him back on his regular diet and staying regular after getting into chicken bones he finally seems back on track. I told him three times a week his back end gets very pink and puffy now, especially the top half and he will also leak fluid when I pick him up at times. He was expressed there and I was told that is normal, he saw no prolapse and we shall see him in august for shots.
Am I really suppose to ignore his puffy back end now? Before the chick bone disaster we never dealt with leaking or puffiness. It was fairly flat at the visit but its very noticeable now, deep bloated pink with abit of red in center. Am I being worrywart?
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Maybe you can take a picture of it when it's swollen and show the vet? I've noticed that when my kitties make a particularly large poo, their rear end looks irritated too. None of them leak anything though, I think the leaking would worry me. Sorry my advice probably isn't very helpful.
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Since it is different from what the vet saw, I would give the vet another call. One of my cats had a problem with an irritated bottom when he would have bouts of diarrhea. The vet ended up giving me a cream to help reduce the inflammation and discomfort.
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