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Hi, I'm new here, just been reading ALOT and learning as much as I can. I have one cat only for now, a DSH calico named Snuffles. I also have 2 dogs a yorkie, and a miniature dachshund. I take care of my grandma who has 2 chihuahas. Needless to say, Snuffles thinks she is a dog. When food is down for the dogs, she will sometimes eat it. I am currently feeding them all Wellness Core and trying to wean her off the dry and giving her Authority canned for now and her Wellness Core for cats a little. Do you think I can just stop the kibble and just give her the wet food since she is eating their's on occaision? She is loving the wet food. She has gained some weight since she's been spayed and not allowed outside anymore due to a bully cat in the neighborhood. My grandma will free feed the dogs regardless of what I tell her, she will pull down other bowls and fill them if mine aren't out there. So feeding on a schedule for the dogs is not gonna work, if they have an empty bowl, she fills it, uuuggghhhh. She has dementia so telling her not to does no good at all. I will be switching the dogs to TOTW soon also, since I can get a discount on it, since my hubby works at TSC and they carry it now, YAY! So, to kibble for her or not? That is the question that took me a book to write.