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Kitten climbing screen door - HELP!

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Okay - it worked so well with Lucky that we thought it was the answer to all our introducing cats problems in the future. However, the little one, Charm, wants out so badly she's started climbing the screen door if we don't pay attention to her. (For those of you who might not know - we put up a screen door on one of the bedroom doors so the cats could get a feel for each other between the doors). Now, I go in that room as much as I can and play with her, etc. Also, Kitty and Lucky (especially Lucky) goes to the door a lot. I realize every time I go and tell Charm "no" when she's on the screen door she's getting exactly what she wants - my attention (whether it be negative or not). Also, I read another post recently that stated you don't punish cats - I agree, but I have tried to take care of this problem every way I know how - even the dreaded squirt bottle - which only worked temporarily.

Any ideas? I'm afraid if she gets to the top of the door and jumps she'll hurt herself.

I must get a photo of this sometime, though, just to remember all her kitten antics years and years down the road. If I manage - I'll post it.

I know we have to trim her nails tonight - do you think that will help? I'm more worried about her wellbeing than anything else.
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Hang citrus sented air fresheners on the screen. Mylar baloons are scarey to some kitties nad they will avoid where they are. There are counter aversion pads that give a mild static shock when stepped on you could place at the base of the door. Trimming the nails will also help.

Do you have a large cat tree for them to climb? Kitties love to be above eye level. Maybe some window perches?

Hope this helps!
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Thanks Teresa!

I will try some of the things you listed.

As far as the cat tree - UGH! My hubby is the greatest, but I've been after him to make a cat tree for a long time (since we've had Lucky - 8 months now). I told him we should at least buy one right now and he could use that one for plans for an additional one. I will definitely get on him about that. I do believe that would help a lot and I have my eye on one at the local pet store.
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Sandi if you get a chance to go to Meowho there are cat tree plans there as well as ready made cat trees. It should be listed at the home page of this site!
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It seems that trimming her claws helped as far as climbing the screen door. Easy solution - I just needed hubby to hold her while I did the trimming - she doesn't like to sit still much at her young age. Actually, she did quite well.

Also, we are starting to build the cat trees tomorrow - so hopefully the girls won't have to wait too much longer. We went to the pet store and took some measurements of the 2 we liked and we'll probably improvise a bit. I can't wait! I think the girls will be so happy to have these!
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As long as they have a strudy base and don't tip over, I'm sure your cats will love them!
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