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multi cat owners....

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most likely your cats know their OWN names, but do you think they know each others names?? im still trying to figure out if mine do or not...
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I think my do because when I call for Bear Rocko comes so I think he is jealous. Poor thing.
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My cat can understand some English. She will give me kisses on command, and when I say "Go see Grandpa" she will dutifully trot over to my husband's lap!
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i really think they understand alot more english than we think they do, especially if you talk to them alot....and im always talking to my cats....sometimes BF will ask if im "ok"
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Mine definitely know their own names, I'm not sure if they know each others names. I don't think they really pay that much attention to be honest, they're more responding to the specific sound that accompanies their name I think, which is why most will respond to "Puss, Puss, Puss!" when you call that, because they realise it's generic lol and recognize the sound. I think I have more cats than anyone else on this site (if you can beat me, lets be best friends! lol) and I've never noticed any of them recognizing each others names, only their own.
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I asked Baby Bonnie one night not long ago if she knew where Ginger was, because Ginger wasn't coming when I called. Bonnie looked at me, squeaked a mew while looking quickly over her shoulder toward the far bedroom, then looked back at me again.

I went in the room she indicated, and there was Ginger, sitting on the cat tree in the dark!

They know.
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I think Jordan does. One day, when it was still just Jordan & Levi, I came home to find Levi was missing his collar. I sat down on the couch & asked Jordan, "Where's your brothers collar?" Not five minuets later, Jordan dropped the collar at my feet. So I think Jordan understands a lot of what I say. I'm not sure if the rest of them know each others names, but I would bet they do.
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Yes, they know each others names. Fiona will jealously and nosily come running from the other room if she hears me calling for one of the boys to come over and see me for a cuddle. She's nuts. I love her!

The boys ignore me unless I call their names unlike Fiona.

I have mentioned this before but Rocko knows spanish! When I first got him he didn't look like he was really listening to me when I would talk to him than one day (because I work with alot of multi-lingual people) I said "Muy Bien Rocko" and he really looked at me for the first time with recognition in his eyes and came over to me for petting. It was so awesome to see! He is learning english now but I still tell him Muy Bien and it's our special thing.
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Several of mine respond if I call one of them. I have experimented calling something else in the same tone - eg 'Dog!' and nothing happens but if I call 'Persil!' or 'Ellie!' then at least four others show up looking for an advantage. Biscotte and Bonaparte only reply to their names, though.
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My boys know their names and each other's... Freddy winds up responding to Fred or Frederick more than Freddy lol and he pretty much responds when he wants to, and won't typically respond to Seamus. Seamus responds to his name whenever I call it, he also responds when I call Fred, but in a jealous fit he's at my feet whining.

Seamus also knows "come snuggle", "gimme kisses", "up-ee on the bed", "bedtime", "want food", "come" and a bunch of other commands... it was just me and him for three years so I talked to him a lot and he's very, very responsive. Fred came home as a tiny baby last August and my gf moved in not long after so he hasn't had that one on one time to learn many of the commands, though I think he knows them and chooses to ignore them and do his own thing
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Yup, they know each other's names and the dog's name, and the dog knows theirs.
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I don't know if they know each other's names, but I do know that if I call out a name to reprimand one of them, only the one whose name I call responds. The others know that it is not them. I suspect that they all know each other's names, and probably giggle from glee that I'm not hollering at them. If I holler without naming the culprit, they all tend to freeze.
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I'm sure they know each other's names. It's stuff like - Spooky hates being on the bed if Tuxedo's on it. I see Tuxie in the living room, call him, and Spooky leaves. Shelly gets jealous of Billy, so he comes running any time we call Bill. Billy loves pouncing on Ming Loy. She loves sleeping under the bed. Billy loves sleeping in the front window (behind the curtains). I'll see Ming Loy poking her head out from under the bed, I say "HI MING DOOBY!" And Billy will come out from the front windows, sit on the steering wheel and get all wiggle butt in anticipation of her wobbling in.

I don't remember the first time I became aware of it - but I definitely remember having that "lightbulb" moment when I realized - hey - they know each other's names!

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Yes they know each others name. When I'm outside in the yard with them and let's say QT starts to squeeze herself under the gate to check out the street, I call her name and the rest will look towards QT.
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Yes my guys all know each other's names, and if you say to them what's so and so doing, they will look at whomever your talking about.

Sassy also knows what " Go see what the brats are up too" because if I say that to him he will go looking for Pixie and Linus.
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