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kitten alter/vaccination question

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ok my situtiuation

I have 7 tuxedo kittens I rescued...(there were 8 but one was having eating problems recently and died in the arms of a vet) and they are all pretty healthy little guys/gals. I thought they were two weeks but now that I look at their progress I'm thinking they may be only a week old and turning two weeks next week.

Lets start with vaccinations. Since I am a college student I have to try to keep everything low (my book for summer was $100 and I go to a community college) My friend who is actually an RVT directed me to foster and smith for vaccinations. The only one I can get for 7 kittens is a 3-way (Feline Focus) given in the nose/eye. She said this was ok. Well we have went separate ways and I am now working hard playing catch up in school while she is juggling multiple kids, her own job, and a small business and I lost contact with her. I looked back just to give an estimate on how much it would cost and I see that they say its ok to give this to kittens 3 weeks old? Yeah don't know what to think about that but considering it because...

thing two...altering.
A very nice person e-mailed me and said that there was a clinic (Cause for Paws I think) that borrows the local SPCA center for a day and alters pets I guess...she didn't give me much info. She said they can be altered there at 10 weeks assuming they are healthy enough, have been vaccinated for distemper and up to weight. However I think the kittens might be 9 weeks by then. Is it ok even if they are 9 weeks? Also I have been trying to find how long I should wait after vaccinating for them to be altered. I tried calling vets and they insisted I wait till 6 months and pay $32 a kitten to have them vaccinated there. The only other vet hospital in the area that alters kittens at a young age hasn't gotten back to me on these questions or their prices unfortunately so I'm trying to search for answers myself. Also I have never heard of Cause for Paws and she said that I pay whatever I can afford...well honestly it isn't much (which is why I was planning on trying to get potential adopters to pay half my fee of $100 first). I think it sounds a little fishy.
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I would call around asking if anyone offers a feral cat spay/neuter.

We offer that for people that have found or trapped cats. You could just stretch things a little, say you found them and they need to be spayed and neutered. I think our feral cat spays/neuters are at least half the cost of a regular alteration. We also do vaccines cheaper for them too. Cats can be altered as young as 6-8 weeks as long as their are 2lbs+.

I would have them altered and do the vaccines then, at least do distemper and rabies if you can afford it.
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My vet will do vaccines and alters on the same day....I don't think that's a great idea (I like to wait a week or 2 at least), but obviously some vets are comfortable with it. So there is no set time to wait between vaccines and alters.

The nasal vaccine should be fine (the local Humane Society uses it, so it must be reasonably effective), but there's no reason to do the vaccines before 6 weeks. It may be SAFE for younger kittens, but 6 weeks is pretty standard.

If the low-cost spay/neuter program will do the alters at 9 weeks, that's OK. But some won't. So it's up to them, basically. You might want to give them a call now to hammer out the details. There are a lot of programs out there to assist people in caring for animals, so it's not necessarily fishy.....it's charity. Spay/neuter is important both for animal welfare and to reduce costs and risks to humans, so low-cost/free spay/neuter programs are fairly common.
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