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Do any of you have cats that druel?

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Well, none of mine do, but when I was growing up I had a siamese cat that was the sweetest kitty I ever knew....She was so loveable and affectionate, and everytime she would get rubbed and get scritches, it was like she lost control of her saliva glands.....it was kinda gross, but I still loved her..we had to put her down due to numerous of reasons...she was old, and was going blind, and I don't remember everything else....but anyway,,,,that is besides the point...did or do yours do this?
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Yes and I love it! It means that they love you bunches!
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Ivo does that. It's actually kinda funny-she had her left top canine tooth removed because it was cracked, so not only does she often have a "kitty Elvis" sneer, she only drools from that side!
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My mom's girl Piper does that - it's so cute!!
The first tme she did that you should have seen my face when I saw that hugh drool spot on my shoulder. I have never seen a cat do that before! She is just such a sweety girl.

Cookie and Loki both don't do that - they just purr their hearts out. In that department Cookie is the Purr-Meister!!
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Tigger used to do that. When I first met her (and Darrell) we would be resting on the bed and Tigger would come in and walk to the head of the bed then start that massaging the pillow thing, then drool right on Darrell's head!! It was so funny. She doesn't do that anymore though. LOL
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Harry used to drool every time I picked him after being away all day. He doesn't any more. I hope he still loves me!
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I have Two cats that drool and two that don't. Rocket and Luna will sit for hours and let you pet them, and all the while they will drool and drool! they will actually leave little drool spots whereever they are sitting when you are petting them. it's funy to see! my cats are so spoiled!
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My best friend's cats do that, but Luna doesn't, so far!
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