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Your foster babies!

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In posting to the "Kitten to Adults" thread ( ), I realized - we don't have baby kitty pics of our cats, because we kept all the ones that needed to be socialized or that came to us older than babies and needed a lot of care. The cutie-don't-need-long-term-care babies all got adopted out.

So here are pics of some of our foster babies:

The most darling of them all, Mae Mae:

Shelly, being a good big brother:

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Muffinman and Yogi when we took them to the vet before they went to their new home:



Once again, Shelly's a good big brother!

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Great idea!!!

My first foster babies - Cleo and her kittens. Cleo got adopted by my neighbour and is Stumpy's best friend

Bella was such a sweetie

And not long before they went back to the shelter for adoption

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He wasn't a baby, but Leo was a handsome foster

And Sally - we fostered her when she had a fractured pelvis

Then the 11 kitens we fostered simultaneously (yes it was nuts)

These first 6 were siblings:



Daisy (Velvet, Blaze and Daisy all went to a home together)


James Bond


Then these next 4 were siblings (we released the last of this litter with their feral mama since she was a psycho little feral thing who had no interest in being socialised)





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I can't even remember if we named this little girl - she's another feral kitten we socialised, but were going away, so took her to the shelter to be fostered by them, and the foster mum adopted her

Then our Christmas quad - Merry, Holly, Claus and Eve (I can't remember who is who now!)

They were so much fun

Ahh the fosters are so much fun
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Oh, oh, oh, these babies are all so cute! Keep posting, people.
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The worst of them all - Bea - "the beast"

PJ & Punky - the longest timers (I also fostered their sis - Paprika - but can't find pics of her right now)

OK - the most evil kitten - Jade


Eden (mine now! ) & her babies - Rogue (black), Wolverine (tabby), Phoenix (siamese) & Pyro (siamese) - Phoenix & Pyro are with sis - Wolverine I hear from often - and I get pics of Rogue from her adopters

Gabriel - I bottled him not long ago, but we had a nursing mother who could take him so I only had him less than a week

Curt, Clyde, Classy, & Callie I had last spring

Confetti was awhile back, too

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My first and current foster, Hope:

And her talking to Lucky - I love this picture...

The shelter paperwork says she is 2 years old, but I really think she is about 1... She has very little teeth, clean gums, and a kitten personality. I am trying to give her a lot of love, and not get attached, but that's tough!
She is completely at home now, one of the team - they all chase each other, play and sleep together - too cute!
She has ways to go still though, as far as socializing... I will work on her until she is ready - I rather do that, than have someone dump her into a shelter later on..
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Just look at all these beautiful kitties! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we had more pics - we just didn't have a camera at first, and then didn't use it much when we did first get one. We hardly have any young kitty pics of most of our kitties. ....but that's why this thread is so nice, there are so many other fosters to enjoy!

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Bless all you people for taking all these babies in. Kittens are cute, but I know they can be a lot of work.

I don't know how you do it....I would never be able to give them back!
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