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New Member of the Family!

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Hello to everyone! I am new to the forum. My name is Cassie and I am 21 years old. I am originally from Indiana but I live in Mexico.
Here's the thing...I have always had a weak spot for animals! Ever since I was just a little girl! I am actually studying to be a veterinary assistant, because I want to know more about how to care for the furry ones in my life.
I got some devastating news from my doctor a few years back...I have allergies. Her advice...get rid of your pets ASAP. I laughed in her face and asked for pills instead. I have been in treatment for 3 years with no problems. Recently I decided to start looking for a little kitten to adopt. I have always wanted a cat, but my allergies were too bad before.
Then, out of the blue, a friend of mine contacted me telling me that she had found a VERY small kitten on top of her roof. She said that she and her mother had tried to get the little one to come down to no avail. Each day they watched as the poor little thing jumped down from the roof and onto a fence. Just on the other side of that fence were 2 feroucious GSD (please don't get me wrong I love them! But these guys are guard dogs). Each day the little kitten risked her life to steal food from their bowl and would climb back up onto the roof. My friend and her mother finally got the little one down, and took her in. They immediately took her to the vet. The vet told them that the kitten was too little for vaccinations, but she had half a dose of deworming medicine. Here's where I come in. Today my friend was kind enough to give her to me (my friend cannot keep her b/c she lives in a "no pets" apartment.). I immediately took the little one to a good friend of mine who happens to be a vet. He examined her and gave me some medicine to treat for worms. And just as we were about to leave the little kitten had diarrhea. The vet. gave me some antibiotic which I have to give her every 8 hours.
Right my little one is scared half to death and hides under my bed. She eats fine, but I have no seen her use the litter box today. I just want to make her feel comfortable and loved. She has never had contact with humans, and it is obvious that she is VERY scared of me. Does anyone have any advice for me or my little one?
Here is a pic!

Any name suggestions?
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OMG! Is she ever adorable!!!! And BRAVE to get food out from under a couple of GSDs.

She needs a noble name ... a girl warrior. Even if she is terrified!

Maybe Xena? Lizzie for Queen Elizabeth! Mulan from the Disney movie?
Maeve was a female Celtic warrior.
(I think it's pronounced May-ehv.)
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About the name - it is easy. She seems to have the Batman mask. Was found in these circumstances - Batman, or Batgirl.

What to do with her shyness, you probably know - you being so fond of animals... Otherwise seek a little here on forum...

The problem is possible your allergy.
But there are many allergic cat-owners. And there are many tips for what to do, and how. If you want/need a list I can write down some suggestions later.

Your allergy, is it asthma? If asthma, you must be double careful. Suffocating asthma-attack is nothing to play with. Do have at least always cortison handy at home - preferably also always with you. Be prepared.
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How exciting, and what a cutie little one!
As far as her behavior, IMO, it is normal that she is hiding... It's her first day - all cats I ever had were hiding for the first couple/few days... Because of the stress she can also take up to 48 hours to use the box and to eat. Make sure she is in a quiet room with little movement for the first few days - a bathroom with a box where she can hide would be optimum. Place the food, water and box in there. Keep the door closed on the first day, and then open the door. She will start to explore soon.
Make sure to spend plenty of time in the bathroom with her - reading a book out loud works great for her to get acclimated with you.
If you want to pet her, make sure to pet her on the cheeks - it releases "happy", calming pheromones.
She is young enough, and with proper attention, TLC, she should be just fine.
Don't force yourself onto her - let her come to you as she becomes comfortable.
Good Luck!
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Oh my, what a cutie pie!! With those big ears, she looks like she is about 9-10 weeks old?

If she truly has not had contact with humans up to this point, then she may have some feral tendencies. But if your neighbors were able to catch her from a roof, she can't be all that feral, she's probably just terrified from the life that she's had so far. Don't panic, many of us have taken in these poor babies and brought them around. Remember a couple things:

Cats love routine. Feed her at the same time every day, and try to keep a normal routine to your life for a little while. They gain trust in you when they know you can be counted on to do things at the same time every day. A little wet food held out to her on a spoon can go a long way to gain her trust.

Cats will come around on their terms, not yours. Don't force yourself on her. When she is ready to come out and interact she will. If she is under the bed, a big head peering under it can actually scare them while they are adjusting. Go into the room and sit on the floor and read a book out loud. Not only will she get used to your voice, but you are also at her level. Cats can get intimidated by things that appear to be much taller than they are. Never tower over her while she is still adjusting.

Kittens are naturally inquisitive. Find a wand toy and if you can't find one or afford one, shoelaces can work in a pinch. Wiggle it on the floor and see if she doesn't come out to play with it.

She's just had her world rocked. Give her time and don't push her.

No ideas on a name for you. Once you get to know her personality, something might just pop out at you.
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Thanks everyone! I have been working really hard with her...and last night I had a major breakthrough! Bella (named after the Spanish name for Belle from Beauty and the Beast) actually came up onto my bed and slept with me all night!
Last night we played for a little while as well. I am so proud of her!
She is eating great and using her box! Hopefully she gets more and more confidence as time goes by!
I still have to make really slow movements around her because she is still a little scared, but little by little. I am so in love with her already and I know she is going to make a wonderful pet!
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Originally Posted by casi_cassie View Post

Any name suggestions?
YES.....BONITA!...... is cute!..
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Oreo? Like the cookie?

She's very very cute!
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