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Whining Cat

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Hello. I have a 1 year old cat, he is a shorthair tiger mix. We recently got him a harness to take him outside, he is an indoor cat. We live next door to a busy road in the suburbs, and we did not get him vaccinated for outdoor living. So we took him outside the first time. He loved every second of it. We brought him back in after maybe 45 minutes or so. After we brought him in he would not stop mewing. But it was a whiny "Take me back outside" kind of mew. We cannot really bring him back outside because the mewing only gets worse. Is there anything we can do to curb this? If we shut the large back window door than it gets better, but we want to be able to have this door open as it is spring and we enjoy the fresh air. Please help.
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Some of us here have placed a large fenced enclosure in their yard attached to the house with a kitty door for outside safe adventures.
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Just like children, cats will try to push and see if they can get something they want by whining and crying. Mine do it all the time.

There's a couple things you can do to help this particular problem. First, don't let him walk out the door to get outside, as this can lead to escape attempts since he associates the door with something good (outside). Put his harness on him, then put him in his carrier. Carry him out in his carrier. That way he doesn't see the door as the way out, and the carrier becomes a good thing (much easier to take him to the vet!).

The other thing to do is to take him out at the same time every day, or on the weekend when you are home all day. Get him on a schedule so he won't be asking all day and all night, every day. Once he figures out that he WILL be going out, just not right now, he should calm down with the whining.

Whatever you do, don't give in to him! When he starts crying to go outside, try to distract him with an interactive toy, or just ignore him. ONLY take him outside when he's been quiet about it, otherwise he will learn that if he whines enough he gets what he wants. They are really quick learners in that lesson!
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Something else you can try is to get an litter box and fill it with potting soil and plant cat grass in it, or replant cat grass and catnip in it, give it to your cat as an alternative outside for him. Other than that ignore him when he cries- or he will just cry more.
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