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Rosie, Sophie and Jack

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Sophie sunbathing, where did the little lady in her go to?!

Gosh mum it's warm!

Helping me make the bed.

You pull your end Mum!

Let's tuck it under there

And a short video of her "Helping" me put the clean duvet cover on, but really it takes 10 minutes longer
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Ready to take Sophie by suprise

Another one who's crashed out with the heat

I laugh at all of Rosie's pictures at her chattering, but these two cracked me up because it really looks like she's sounding off big style!!!

Water fountains, several bowls of fresh water around the house, and she still prefers the tap!

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Sophie, why won't you wrestle with me?!

Because i've been told from all the kitties across the pond at TCS that boys have cooties!!!

Nuff said then!

The three of them flat out this evening with the heat

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What a good little helper that Sophie is! And your other two are cuties too!
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OMG I love your cats they are all so adorable
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they are gorgeous
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Sophie helping make the bed I'd love to come curl up with them in the sunshine there!!
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I think that Sophie's Hazel is coming out Susan.
She is your little helper.

Rosie, Sophie and Jack...
your little sleepy heads.
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Love them! When it comes to sunbeams and bellies, even the most regal of kitties can lapse and become a bit of a tart!

Love the ones of Rosie sitting at the door! It looks like she's yelling "Dinner's Ready!" Or "And Stay Out!"
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OK, Rosie isn't as teeney as I thought! That head tilt she's got is just TOOOOO precious!

Thank you for the video of Sophie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always want to kiss that black spot on her nose

...and don't all kitties love "making the bed?" It can get pretty difficult with three or four of them trying to "help." (Once Tuxie dove under the blanket, and Shelly jumped up to help tuck everything in... and discovered there really ARE monsters under there! ).

And Susan, Jack does NOT have cooties!

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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
And Susan, Jack does NOT have cooties!
Oh i know he doesn't, but the way Sophie goes on with him when he wants to play and she doesn't it's as if that's what she thinks he has
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Ooops - sorry! I should have addressed that to Sophie!

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They're sooo prescious!! I love the one of Sophie helping you make the bed!
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OMG its my Rosie!!!! I absolutely just love her tilting her head sooo cute!! She is quite the chatter! Sophie is so cute trying to "help" you! haha when i put new sheets on my bed, my Junebug did the same thing!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post


love this pic.

Great pics of all the kitties, I especially like the sprawled out in the sun pics.
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Wheeee! I love seeing your kits, and I especially love so many pictures of Sophie. She's awesome, whether she's being ladylike or showing off a bit. The video of her helping you kill the lumps on the bed is a riot.

Of course, Miss Chatterbox is such a cutie-pie, and Jack has grown up into a handsome young man.

P.S. The first picture of Sophie is my favorite.
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I love this one as well! It looks like she's just asked you "Mom, what's wrong with that woman?"

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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Love the ones of Rosie sitting at the door! It looks like she's yelling "Dinner's Ready!" Or "And Stay Out!"
It does as well!!
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aww your cats are soo cute!
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Awww! Jake does the same thing when I make the bed lol...
I love the pic of the three of them on the chairs!! You can tell they own the place
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Great pics and captions Rosie is hilarious, and I don't think she liked your choice of TV shows

They are all ADORABLE

Love the video of Sophie
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Susan I LOVE your little fluffy butts. They have such personality. I love Rosie , her nose, and how she always talks to you. Keep the pics coming.
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Great photos as always.
I love all the photos of Rosie talking and the cute one of her head tilt.
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Thanks for sharing Susan! I can see now why you need to put the baby block on Soph - she's got those white bits at the back of her ears. As Britain is getting sunnier NZ is getting colder!
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I the photos of Sophie's belly! What a cute belly! I love her gooseberry green eyes, too. You kitties are so cute and so funny. I always love to look at all their photos!!!
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