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RIP Anonymous Kitty

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Last night we were coming home from a lovely dinner. We had given a friend a lift home, so were coming home by a different route than usual. It was around 11 pm and there was still a fair bit of traffic, and it seemed not to be moving very well. Then we saw what was slowing it down. The oncoming traffic was having to pause to go around something in the road, which turned out to be a cat in its death throes. It was shocking to say the least, though in retrospect I'm grateful that they were at least that respectful that they didn't just keep going.

There was nowhere to pull over safely, so we had to go around several blocks to get back. We hadn't a clue what we were going to do, but we couldn't just drive on home without checking on the kitty. By the time we got back, she was still, so I (the one in lighter clothing, and therefore less likely to get mowed down) took an old blanket out of the trunk, waited for the traffic light down the road to give me a break, crossed over and moved the limp kitty over to the grass by the side of the road. She was a fairly red tortie. She was quite limp and already cooling when I stroked her side and told her to rest peacefully.

RIP Tortie Angel
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The poor baby I'm pleased you went back Fran, because i'm sure there would have been one who didn't go around her at some point

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You're right, Susan. I was even a little surprised it had not already happened -- relieved of course. Thanks for lighting a candle. I hope somebody who cared for her found her.
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You have such a kind heart to do that for the poor kitty. Bless your heart and bless the kitty's heart.
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Thank you for caring Fran.

You are not forgotten little one.
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RIP kitty and be happy over the bridge!

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Rest in Peace Little Kittie.
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Bless you for caring about that poor cat - I am sure that the love & caring in your actions helped light her path over the Bridge - and quickly summoned a welcoming committee for her led by our TCS RB kitties
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RIP Sweet angel
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