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I finally found where you all are posting pictures of your sweet furbabies!
I've been a member only a few days and couldn't find the photos.

I had wanted to post a few pictures of Butterscotch, so those of you who have been following my thread about him in "cat health" can see what a sweetie he is.

Here he is when he was first warming up to us as an outdoor somewhat feral cat. He must have belonged to someone a few years ago, because he let us pet him a tiny bit right from the start. But because he's been outside for a while he is not completely trusting yet.

Looking through the sliding glass door wanting so badly to be able to go inside.

getting his foot in the door and lazing about, while trying to take a bite to eat!

The first night we had him in the house, safe in his tent, after being neutered, and on prescription food for his blocked urinary tract.
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Awwwwww, Butterscotch is a beautiful, sweet boy. He looks so loving, even as a semi-feral. Adorable.
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He is so handsome!! there is just something about those ginger tom's
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Yay! pics of Butterscotch! What a gorgeous boy! Glad he is feeling better and lots of vibes for a full recovery...
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Very handsome boy. And looks at those big ol' feet!! He's a cutie.
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I love his name! Butterscotch fits him very well. He's very handsome!
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Thanks everybody!

I've never heard of the term "ginger tom" but I like it - it is fitting as well.

He does have some big feet, doesn't he CatNurse? I noticed that right away, and couldn't decide if it's because he's a male cat and I'm more used to females, or if he developed them as an outdoor cat. Either way, they are larger than the rest of our cats', except for Oliver who has those wild polydactyl feet with large thumbs!
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Awww. Butterscotch is such a handsome boy. Thanks for taking him in.
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