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The babies exploring!

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The babies are 33 days old today, and since its my birthday I took some time to relax and hang out with them. I have the porch where their cage is all blocked off and baby proofed (yeah right, they are always proving that wrong) so they can come out and play and explore. Ginger has to stay in the cage now as she is in heat and is getting too curious of what life exists off the porch.

Sesame and Mace make an appearance in the video

My Dill--our keeper



Nutmeg and Sage

Dill and Nutmeg

In the first video you have to picture it turned 90 degrees to the right, so Dill is climbing up.

His success

Them playing

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Ohhhhh, they are growing up so quickly. I just turned my laptop on its side for the first video, and it worked perfectly. Which is the one who had the fever coat? Anyway, they are all absolutely adorable.
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Glad you worked the video out--such trouble these babies can be!!

Mace is the fever coat baby--he was in the video--he's turning into a black and white tuxie. Already starting to grow out of the fever coat--my next door neighbor is in love with him, but his wife wants little Sesame--we'll see which one they take!

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They are so cute!! I love Nutmeg
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Thanks for posting the pics and vids. Nutmeg is my favorite kitten.
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I love this stage - pudgy, fluffy and everywhere! I love it.. they dont run they waddle fast!
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Nutmeg has THE cutest face! Sage looks like he's a bundle of trouble alright
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They are just too cute. I love the theme you went with in naming them.
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It looks like Sesame is a bit dazed, wandering all over the place in the last video, and Nutmeg is attacking an invisible monster of some kind. BOING!

I your kittens.
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tons and tons of preciousness
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Sesame's middle name is trouble. She's a hoot to watch!

Nutmeg holds her tail almost touching her back--I asked her yesterday if she could touch her nose with it. She bounces everywhere.

Thank you for the compliments--it is never a dull day here and I can't believe they'll be 5 weeks tomorrow--it will be so hard to say goodbye to these babies. Thats why one is staying.

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I had to watch the last video again. I love how they hold out their little tails for balance. Is there anything cuter than a bunch of chubby, happy, waddling baby kittens? I think not.
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Thank you for sharing the videos of your adorable kittens....
I cannot stop smiling.
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They are sooooo cute!!!
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