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New cat tree for Loki

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Last night I got Loki a new cat tree through e-bay!!! I only paid $89.00 for it. These thing go for around $200 around here.


Take a peak and let me know what you think.
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That is AWESOME Helen! Loki is going to be in Bengal Heaven - so many place to climb and jump!
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I certainly hope my bouncing bengal baby boy likes it as much as you & I do!! ...and it was such a bargain.
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Thats nice! I'm looking for one now, on Ebay, or Petsmart, somewhere!
I was considering getting the plans and my husband building one, not sure yet!
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I love it!! I am sure you kitty will too!!!
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very cool! Don't you just love ebay!
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Just make sure it is solid, if not brace it somehow. I will never forget the first cat condo I bought long ago, we put it up and the cats ran up it, and over it toppled! It almost hurt one of the kittens, but thank goodness cats are quick! After that we bolted it to the floor. It served us for a lot of years that way.
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That is a good idea hissy,,,I will have to remember that when we get our first big kitty condo...we have some but they aren't big like the kind I want.
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Val: EBay is just the best!!!

Hissy: It's supposed to be solid, but Thanks for the heads up!!
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both the ones i got on ebay are solid and they are HEAVY! I still want hubby to brace them because out kitty are big and sometimes they wiggle when they run up.
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I think it's great, but Max would chew off the balls in no time flat. He has a thing for yarn, string, etc.
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I've got a new type in the house now. The company wants a review on it so they sent me this modular deluxe cat condo. Well, it came in this little lightweight box, and I was very skeptical. After putting it together none of my cats would even go near it! It was to wobbly.

I tried all sorts of tricks to get them interested, but cats, although they like to move, they don't like things to move. Finally, I bit the bullet and called the merchant and told him the pros and cons of this unit. The company listened, it was a looong conversation and there were several follow-up calls. A few days later they sent me a new model with all the improvements I suggested applied! Ten minutes after it was assembled, I had four cats on it! All my cats love this now- we have one unit in the bedroom and one in the living room. I was impressed with the fact that if you say for example go to cat shows and you need a seperate bed for your cat while in a hotel, and you don't want them in a carrier, bringing this from home is as easy as two shakes, as it can be a condo, a bed or an exercise area for your cat. There were a lot of pluses to it, and now there are even more. I would also be great in a car or motor home too.
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That's AWSOME!! I want one like that.
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Looks great! Grats on your new kitty condo!
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