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Litter container question

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I use Tidy Cats mulitple cat litter that comes in the big plastic flip top containers with either a greenish or orangey lid. Once empty I have just been putting them in our recycle bin, however, I was thinking of other uses for them.

So, the question is what do you all use them for if anything and what are some ideas we can come up with? Time to get those creative brains working.
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You can use them for cat food storage... Another idea is organizing household cleaning supplies.
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Drill holes in the bottom and use them for container gardening.

I used to keep one filled with previously used gravel/pebbles from the bottom of a fishtank, and would use a scoop of the pebbles whenever I potted a new plant - they are great for extra drainage.
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We have one lined with a plastic trash bag and when Mike scoops the box, he puts it in there. When the lid is down, there is no odor at all. When he emptys it, he just takes the whole thing down to the dumpster. I pity the homeless people that tear open THAT bag!
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IMO I would not store any food products in there even if you scrub them before using. But you can use them for:

1. keeping rags/sponges for washing your car.
2. gardening tools (small) , etc.
3. planter for flowers
4. Nails, etc.
5. emergency sand bucket for winter.
6. put ice in the bottom and set a container of milk or water for camping
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When I used to buy that kind, I put the used litter back into the containers. At least they got a second use out of them!
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Things I've used them for:
  1. Recycling (put the cans/bottles in it)
  2. Fish tank supplies
  3. For dirty fish tank water
  4. For putting the weeds in while doing yard work
  5. Squirrel/rabbit food for the wild critters
  6. Stacking to set drinks on, or just 1 to set drinks on while we were getting moved in-- think side table
  7. Setting a mirror (or other items) on
  8. My husband has one filled with dirt in the garage
  9. Cat litter storage when I buy litter that comes in a box/bag
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^Kitty litter storage container decor?!

I used to use tidy cat, but it wasn't worth paying that much when I need enough for three boxes - and Tomas gets red puffy eyes from the clay dust.

I still have a few containers and use them to store the chicken feed that I use for cat litter.

Like GoldenKitty said, they're not really food grade plastic so aside from food they can be reused for anything. You could put dry cat food in them, as long as the food was left in the bag.
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I use them to put the rabbit food in, some dog food (the amount that doesn't fit in the Vittles Vault), ferret litter, to clean the fish tank, as dog water buckets......anything that you'd use any 5-gallon bucket for. If I have too many I put them out by the curb a few days before recycling and usually someone takes them. 5-gallon buckets aren't cheap.

I never thought about them not being food-grade. Hmmm. I've been using them as dog water buckets for so long I don't know what else to use.
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