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Question of the Day May 23rd?

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Morning All!!!

Today's question pertains to when your ill:

When you are ill, do you prefer to have someone look after you or do you just want to be left alone?

I am just getting over a stomach bug that I had for the last few days. My sister just about drove me nuts insisting on staying overnight and hanging out with me nearly the whole time. I know she was just trying to be helpful but I really prefer to be left on my own when I am not feeling well...
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Sorry to hear that you've been ill, my friend, glad you're on the mend!

Unless I'm unable totally to do anything for myself (like I was for a week or so after my surgery) I'd rather just be left alone.....I'll eat when I feel like it, drink when I need to, and usually stay in bed and sleep as much as I am able.
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I like being alone if I feel really poorly bu tits nice to have some one ask if I need something!
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i like to be taken care of by BF, and he always does a wonderful job.

one thing i dont like tho is telling my mom i am not feeling well, if i do she will call text very single hour asking how i am and if i need anything, i know shes just being caring but she kinda over bombards me, so i only let her know im sick if its THAT bad!
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I'm glad you're feeling better now! It was nice of your sister to look after you.
When I'm ill I like to be left alone to suffer in peace. Maybe a warm kitty or two to snuggle up with, but that's about it.
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Actually, I'm kind of antisocial, so I prefer to be left alone regardless of whether I'm sick or not, lol! I'm just a phone call away (and a 7 minute walk) from my parent's house, so I can call if I need anything. They have figured out (it's taken a while) that I'm fiercly independant, and prefer to do stuff myself, even if I'm not feeling well. The kitties, on the other hand, are excellent nurses. They can tell when I'm not feeling well, and never leave my side (except for food/litterbox!)
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It doesn't happen that often that I'm under the weather, and I don't like being "mother-henned". I'd much rather just coccoon until it's over, though I do appreciate an occasional reality check from DH to see if there's anything I need -- there isn't usually, and he isn't offended when that's the case, so it works for both of us.
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It depends on the illness really. If I can't do for myself, help is wonderful. If it's just something like the flu I'd rather be antisocial and get over it alone.
BUT, I appreciate my cats presence the whole while I'm sick. Her magic healing powers of unconditional love works wonders

Good to hear you're feeling better!
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A little of both. For example, the BF gives the perfect amount of TLC. He'll make me lunch and make sure I take my medicine, but other than that he'll leave me alone unless I ask him to do something.

I got sick while I was staying with my parents a few months back and I forgot how incredibly clingy my mom is when I'm sick. She must have asked every ten minutes if I needed anything! Of course, I know she misses being able to take care of me so I tried to graciously except all of her mothering.
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Sometimes it can be nice to have someone to look after you when you're sick.

When I moved out on my own after my divorce a while back, I had bronchitis at one point and was very ill. One of my wondeful neighbors came over and brought me homemade soup, helped take my puppy for walks when I was too sick to move, and even helped me wash my hair in the sink ( I was too sick to even function, let alone manage my hair at that point....all I could do was cough and throw up ). I thought it was really sweet to have such a kind neighbor.

I like to look after other people when they're sick too and try to make them feel better.
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Please let me go and curl up into a ball all myself. I'll scream if I really need anything! Literally...

Seriously, I am used to caring for myself when ill. I hate being fussed over anyway.
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I've been sick/ill/fatigued/in pain so much since around age 10 that I either keep going or just go lay down in bed anymore.

I like having DH around to feed the cats. Occasionally I'll ask him to bring me something to drink, food (very rarely, he hates making me anything to eat), or if I can't walk on my own help me get to the bathroom and back to bed. But usually I just deal with stuff on my own since you can't be disappointed by someone if you're not expecting anything out of them in the first place.

I'll go out of my way to help others if they're ill, though.
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I don't get sick that often but I prefer to be left alone too.
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I prefer to be left alone, for me I usually get raging sinus infections and would rather sniffle and herk by myself.
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The only person I want near me is Rob when I'm sick. And not near enough to get him sick too, but if he wants to do some nice things for me, I'm good. I want everyone else to stay the heck away from me though. My MIL used to get into my space wayy too much when I lived there and was sick.
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I would rather just be left alone.
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