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weekend plans?

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saturday - me and bf are celebrating our 4 yr anny so we will be going out to eat and together all day.

sunday- there's this huge dj party at a local park that goes on all day, BF is djing there with losta other good dj's, then at about 8pm when the park closes we are moving the party to a club so im really looking foward to that
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Happy Anniversary!
Sounds like you've got a great weekend planned!

I'm cleaning, cooking and baking tomorrow then having a huge family BBQ Sunday Monday I'm just relaxing and eating leftovers if there's any left
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DH and I are going with his dad and his dad's friend and family to the Indy 500. This will be my 6th time going to the race and we look forward to it each year.
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We're relaxing at my parents' house until Monday afternoon. Get some much needed rest and sleep! I've only left the house once since we got here Friday
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yesterday me and BF went out to eat and then he took me shopping for my anny present yay! i picked out a couple nice new summer tank tops.

todays the big day tho. im just waking up and tryna get ready now for the big music festival, it just started at noon, but i dont plan on getting there until 2pm, i need to eat yet and get ready, and then after the all day park party theres an after party at a club....and NO WORK TOMORROW

im going to see alot of friends i havent seen in a while so im really pyched!
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