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My kitties!

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I havent posted many pics of my munchkins, so here you go!
What Pooh Bear really thinks of me taking a picture of her....

I get kisses!!

The next ones are off my phone so they arent that great.
Man Cake aka Manny

In the christmas tree the first year we had him, he was only a month or two old!

Manny and Monkey (or Baby)

My JuneBug!!


More to come!!
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Pooh again...

June Bug found my clothes hamper a nice place to sleep lol


Did I wake you up??

Pooh playing with her Wubba Kong toy, it has cat nip in it, she likes to lay on it for some reason!

Look at that tummy!!!

Pooh and Manny

Pooh and JuneBug

Manny past out!
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What GORGEOUS babies!
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Aw, look at those cuties! Great pictures of your fur babies.
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They are all adorable, but Manny is super cute. I don't think I have ever seen an ORANGE cat like that without tabby stripes all over. His fur looks so soft!
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Your cats are as adorable as their names!!
Great pics!!
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Thanks everyone! Yah Manny is definately a different type of orange cat! Its what made me fall in love with him! Pooh, Monkey and Manny were all rescues from my dads work. Pooh was a tiny little thing, with her two brothers, their mommy either was killed or abandoned them. They hid in a pipe (my dad works at a waste water treatment plant, with a dog pound next to it) and he caught them all and brought them home, we found homes for the boys after we bottle fed them and all for a month. Monkey was cornered by a couple of the wild dogs, she was only a few weeks old, and my dad shooed the dogs off and brought her home. Manny our latest addition, was roaming around the lab at my dads work, the dog pound guy caught him and put him in a cage (poor manny, there were a lot of scary dogs in there!) my dad made the mistake of telling me about him.....of course i had to save him!! I went out there and brought him home. We had another rescue...Paris, a little black kitten, but sadly he got out and was hit by a car only at 5-6 months old a few years ago. Sorry for my novel, i just realized i didnt put any background on them!! Oh and JuneBug was born from our eldest cat, Mazie, i saw her being born. Anywho thanks for all the compliments!!
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Originally Posted by JuneBugBear07 View Post
love this one.....

Great pics....your kitties are adorable, and I like the one with you getting kisses too.
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^ Thanks! Yes JuneBug loves to lay like that, I think she is double jointed or something lol.
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Great pics! JuneBug is SOOOOO long!
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