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For the dancers out there...

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I wanna dance! I need to pick up a fun form of exercise, and I thought some form of ballroom dancing would be fun. What would you recommend for a novice as a starting point? I want something not too difficult to start with, but also not too slow.

There's a ballroom dance school nearby with lots of beginner classes, so I thought I'd join in there.

Also, what sort of shoes should I wear?
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My daughter taught ballroom dancing while she was is high school and college. She wore shoes that were made for ballroom dancing. She bought them at a place where ballet shoes and dance clothing were sold. Shoes were super soft and had a moderate heel.

What a great way to get some exercise. Have fun!
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im going thru withdrawals from not dancing, its my fave thing to do...just at the clubs free form, nothing special.

iv'e been talking to my bf about signing up for ballroom or salsa dancing together. let me know how it goes, im sure you will have a blast.
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That sounds like so much fun!! I'm not coordinated when it comes to dancing; and DH won't even try, but it really does sound like fun! I had a friend take salsa lessons when she was in college and she really enjoyed it.

I'm sure if you sign up for lessons or inquire about them they'll be able to recommend shoes and what not.
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Sounds like fun!

I do pole dancing, and I'm going through withdrawal since I'm not at home this weekend!
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I've been doing ballroom for 4 years not. It is really challenging both physically and mentally (and really fun).

Ballroom shoes are the best but you probably won't want to invest in shoes until you know it is right for you. So here are my recommendations for shoes:

1) Make sure the shoe is sturdy. You will be standing in them for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the length of your lessons. They need to handle weight changes to the side and back. Stay with a low heel.

2) The sole needs to be smooth, not sticky like an athletic shoe. Move to the side. If the shoe stops you, then you will have a hard time with them.

3) The shoe should stay on your foot. Shoes that slip off are annoying and make it harder.

I have used a pair of flat Mary Janes and my Keds when I didn't have my good shoes.

If you find you enjoy it, then look into good ballroom dance shoes as they have the characteristics above.
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