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Humane Society

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I recently adopted a female tiger cat from my local humane society. She is a sweetheart. When I walked up to her cage, she came real close to the door so I would pet her. I picked her up and she cuddled right up. I am so glad. She is neutered and declawed. I got so interested, I am thinking about volunteering there in the cat rooms. I have not had any problems with her and she loves my wide window sills. So if you are thinking about adopting a cat, try your local humane society. My other cat came from a rescue. And I am very much in favor of rescues.
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That's how we got Punkin. My wife went past his cage, and he reached out and grabbed her.
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We've gotten our last 2 cats from our local HS. Both good sweet adult cats. My family still has Midori. RIP Gracie.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cat. And yes, our two both picked me out. (I think cats do tend to choose their people more than the other way round) Gracie came to the front of the cage when called for a petting, and Midori came up and started licking my fingers.
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