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Explosive Tunnel Vision!! OMG!

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Okay, I came back from the store a little while ago to discover a 1-2 year old black and white cat wandering around my yard, no collar, but I've seen her around the neighborhood (I think) .. She decided she wanted to stay, for awhile anyway, and came on the back porch. That's when all heck broke loose - My Persian Male and Chickster (Tortie 1 year old female) Sat at the backdoor watching, which I knew might be a problem, but I figured, well, nothing will happen. I AM SO STUPID! After about 15 minutes of sitting there staring at each other (The new wandering cat was 6-7 feet away from the door, not right up on it) all of the sudden my White Cat decided to attack Chickster! He pinned her behind the dining table in the corner, then ran out behind her as she was getting away. It sounded like a horrible fight as when they do (rarely) get into a scuffle, she rarely yells. This time she was yowling and screaming and hissing. I put my foot out to block my Persian's path from Chickster when he turned on ME, but I managed to pick him up and remove him from the room before he went ballistic on me (Which he's done before)
He goes into this tunnel vision, where he sees no one else, doesn't know you, doesn't know anything, he just goes bat poop crazy. He is neutered, I figured they didn't do that after they were neutered? I don't know. The Tortie is still skittish and she's hissing at me every once in awhile (Yes yes It was my fault and I feel horrible) but otherwise she is slowly getting back to playing with bottle caps. Once she lets me close to her I will examine her but will take her to the vet tomorrow for a further exam just in case. The wandering cat is outside, still, on my porch. There is no outside food there, I don't know why he's hanging about. Will he/she ever leave? *sighs* What a depressing start to the weekend guys!!!!
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Yup, it's called "redirected aggression," and it is almost 100% that it is because of the cat on the porch.

Just for your future safety, it is always best to break up a fight with a loud noise. Clap, bang pans together, whatever (we keep coins in an empty can around). It really is best not to intervene physically (as apparently you've learned). The loud noise should startle him/them out of it, and thus the aggression should not be re-directed to you.

In indoor kitty fights where there usually isn't aggression between the cats, they can sound WAY WORSE than they really are.

As to the wandering kitty, can you purchase a breakaway collar and attach a note to it with your name and phone number? Make sure that kitty has a home (or does it look clean, well fed and cared for?).

Because if it isn't owned by anyone, maybe you can get it to a shelter, or at least get it spayed or neutered.

And if it shows up again, maybe distract the kitties with play, or close the blinds or drapes or whatever.

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I am 99% sure this cat belongs to someone close by, i.e. within 5 houses of me (We live in a small development) .. She is very clean, and looks very well fed. I figure maybe her owners are late giving her her dinner, or she is gallivanting like my outdoor cats years ago did regularly. We were baking some chicken thighs, with windows and doors open so maybe THAT is why she is sitting outside. (I swear I'm so dang slow sometimes) I did do the loud noise, yelling clapping stomping (Shakes the whole house) but my Persian is 100% not affected by that. I had to physically block his way, and when he turned to get me instead I got him by the scruff of his neck, (He snaps out of it pretty quick after that) then removed him from the situation.
I will ride out tonight and see if maybe the "stray" doesn't go back home... Hopefully she will go back home. If not, I will take your advice and purchase a break-away. Our shelters are stock full and won't take animals here, only place is the Animal Control Department and... I'd never want to do that if she has a family here (She looks really really good, not skinny or anything)
Thank you for your advice!
UPDATE: I have discovered this is a male cat, and he is not neutered. Also, my mother decided to feed him. So I guess I have a new addition to my family. That was fast :T
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Yeah, that he's an un-neutered male is probably NOT helping the re-directed aggression problem from your kitty!

I would definitely try to figure out who's cat that is. I would have a chat with them about getting their cat neutered if they're going to let him roam - this is a good article to print out to give someone: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-...neutering.html

And I would also give them a place to take him. You can look for low-cost options here:


...or I'd just talk you mom into getting him neutered. If his people don't care enough about him or unwanted kittens, I seriously doubt they'd notice. And if they did, there's no law against it if they let him wander to begin with and he's on your property.

Good luck! Your kitty may not go so bonkers if that cat is neutered.

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