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your first date

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following on from snake_lady's topic

what did you do on your first date??

i've only dated one guy and thats the one im engaged to

he came to my mams and picked me up took me to a local pub pretty much the end of my mams street (still lived at home then) and all i would drink was water, i didnt want him to pay for anything as i had never met him.

(he knew my mam she taught him at school i never new him, we met on the internet and never looked back)
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Geez, you're making me wrack the old brain cells! Honestly, I don't remember my first date. I remember my first boyfriend - but I don't think there was every anything as "official" as a "first date." We used to just hang out after school, go for walks, hang out in parks or on the beach (I grew up next to Lake Michigan).... bonfires with friends, get a hamburger and fries... that kind of stuff. He'd come over and pick me up sometimes, but anywhere we went it was walk, bus, or bike. But we did "officially" see just each other for 9 months - and that was 8th grade. It started a few months into it and ran through the summer. Basically we stopped seeing each other because we went to different high schools. Who wanted to deal with a long distance relationship?

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My firts date!... oh my it was a long time ago....

BUT can´t forgett it!...
Well, was a cinema visit to watch "starman" with jeff bridges.... and next dinner on the downtown....finishing with a milkshake on a place called "the Queen of Montejo".......awwwwwwww... what a memmories....
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One of my favourite movies, Rigel!

My first date was somewhere back in the Dark Ages and that's where it needs to stay Definitely nothing to write home about.
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I've only dated one guy too, though we're not together anymore now.

My sophomore year in college, he took me out to see the Music Man which was touring through our school at the time. I don't remember if we went to dinner or not before hand, but it was a nice night. I do remember what we were both wearing, and that he brought me flowers when he came by to pick me up. :-)
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Mine was this guy named Travis, I was kind of old for a first date, I was a junior in high school. We went to the drive in with my mom. We sat in the back and held hands and he was (still is) the sweetest guy I know. The romantic relationship didn't work out, but we're still very good friends.
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I was in 7th grade and his name was Micah. His dad took us (and his little brother, ) to see a movie. I can't for the life of me remember what it was. But I remember thinking we were so grown up because we sat at the front of the theater and his dad and little brother sat in the back. Then we went out to eat at Luby's, .
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I never had a "first date" per se, but this is how it worked out...

This was in March 1988.

My friend Cindy came over from next door to my friend Mark's house. She asked if I could drive her over to Laura's house to get her Walkman. I said sure and when we got there, it was kinda weird so I asked what was up. Laura proceeded to explain to me that she had no one to take her to Prom in the middle of May. I said it would be a pleasure! Well, on the way home, I ask Cindy for Laura's number and I called her the next day and we proceeded to see each other practically every day for the next 6 weeks. Why only 6 weeks? Well, at the end of that 6 weeks, on April 30, 1988, I officially asked her to be my girlfriend one night down at the beach. We ended up staying together for about 4 1/2 years. We're still friends today. She married and has 3 kids and has done quite a bit of moving...she went from California to Washington to Pennsylvania to North Dakota to her present state of Minnesota. Due to her husband changing jobs and losing them...
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I totally can't remember.

I don't know if this counts as a "date" but it was when I was 16 or 17 and working at a restaurant. I had a crush on one of the guys who worked there. So we had a Christmas party the owner of the restaurant had for us, and ended up spending the evening talking and holding hands. A bunch of us caught a ride home with someone, and he walked me to my door and gave me a little kiss. Sadly, he was very shy, and so was I, so that was as far as that went.

My first "real" date was probably to a movie. I remember who, but not where we went.
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my 1st date was with the 1st bf i had and after seeing him for a while my strict italian father allowed him to take me out on a date. i cant remember where we went, but i do remember my dad saying not one minute later than 10. Well im pretty sure we were parked in front of my house by 10 but we got carried away with the goodnite kiss, and yes my dad marched right out and knocked on the window and said "when i say 10 i mean 10!" i was so embarrassed!
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Seriously? At my age, I barely remember what I had for dinner last night

I do remember my dad being strict and not letting me date until I was 16. I also remember 'seeing' boys when I was 13 but usually when hanging out with a few friends.
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Oh my, my first date.....we went to see the Oh God movie I think it was George Burns in it. well any way his aunt, who he lived, with dropped us off at the theatre and would be back 10 minutes before the movie ended. we ditched the movie and sat outside talking then ran in for the ending of the movie. well his aunt had to run into a store in the plaza the movie theatre was in after she picked us up and we went in with her. upon cashing out i saw in a mirror that my period had leaked thru my santitary napkin and was on my pants!!!! i had a sweater on and tried like hec to pull it down. i streached that sweater sooo much. but i dont think he noticed cause we went out til he moved away to CA.
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My very first date was with my husband 22 years ago. He picked me up at my Grandparents, mainly because my Grandmother wanted to meet him. She wanted to take pictures and wanted to make sure he was going to behave. Of course this was after my Dad gave him the talk too.

They took LOTS of pictures and I still have them to this day. We went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and walked on the pier.
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I actually remember my first date very well. I was 13 years old and I had asked a girl named Sherry if she would be my girlfriend. She said yes, so for our first 'date', my mom dropped the two of us off at a movie theater. The movie was "2010", the sequel to Kubrick's "2001, A Space Odyssey." It must have just opened because the theater was packed and we ended up sitting on the front row. I had to scrunch down in my seat so that I could look up and see the movie without straining my neck. Well, I was so engrossed by the movie that I never said a word to her the entire time or tried to hold her hand or put my arm around her. That 'relationship' ended shortly after our date, but "2010" is still one of my favorite movies of all time.
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I think I must have been 13/14 for my first date. We went to the movies and saw "Along Came Polly". I just looked up the year and that film was released in 2004. He bought us popcorn and drinks and I remember trying not to laugh when the sharted bit came on. I'm glad I've matured in 5 years!
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Rob was my first official date in 2005, when I was 17 (just 12 days from 18). I was a very picky person, hence why I never had any dates before him! Although one guy asked me out a week before I met Rob, I said no because I really thought Rob and I would connect when we finally met in person. So that guy and I hung out on a Friday shooting pool and eating pizza. Although he may have considered it a date

Anyway, Rob drove 3 hours to meet me on a Saturday, the first place we went to was a Hardee's, and I bought They didnt take debit cards then. We took each other on a ride in our cars, then that night went to a car show in town where I kissed him out of the blue - I knew I wasnt letting him go anywhere!! We went to China Buffet afterwards, he even paid for my brother's dinner (my brother was at the car show with us). Then we hung out later that night til the 12am "curfew" my parents set for him to go stay at a hotel.
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I didn't normally "date" in high school, I usually just hung out with guys. But, my first official date was a blind date. One of my best friends decided she just had to fix me up with her BF's best friend. Just putting the lable "date" on it made me SO nervous! His name was Chip and was VERY good looking, which made me more nervous. We went to a football game between our two schools and we barely said 3 sentences to each other. When I did try to say something it just sounded stupid. I made a GREAT first impression! At the end of the night, he did kiss me and ask for my phone number, but I never heard from him again. (My DH's name is Chip, but he's a different one).
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first official "car date" went to see the movie car wash. Then we went & got a pizza, brought it back to his folks house and played pool. I still remember what he was wearing. Not with him, just remember that 1st date.

Great now I will have that song "carwash" in my head for days
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My first official date was for a tennis banquet. We were good friends, but I had always liked him as more. We went to a few movies also, etc, but we parted ways because he didn't feel the same. I did forgive him.

Well.....12 years go by. I went out with a friend for drinks, run into his sister, we exchange phone numbers, but he never calls me. So I keep trying to reach his sister and after 2 weeks, I do! So she text me their home phone and I call him.

He never had any intention of calling me or any other girl. He wasn't even sure he was going to pick up the phone, but curiousity got the better of him and he did! Now he is so glad that he picked up!

Not only did those feelings I had for him resurface, but he now has feelings for me in return and we have been going out for about a month. We both can see a huge possibility of being married in the future.

You only ever hear about this happening...I certainly didn't think it would happen to me.
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My first real date, meaning one that was acknowledged as a date by both me and the guy, was at my sophomore (high school) homecoming dance. It was very embarassing lol..because I felt odd,like I was uncool to be going on a date and actually wear a dress! I wore a really cute brown dress that really flattered my hair color and skin tone and I felt totally pretty but I wasn't used to dressing in a very feminine way so it was weird to actually leave my doorstep looking like this! The guy I went on an date with is my current boyfriend!! Although we didn't start our relationship until a year after that date...
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