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anyone use heartgard on their cats?

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Was wondering if anyone here uses heartgard on their cats, I got free samples from my vet when I took my kittens in. We do live in a area of the country that has a mosquito problem. They are inside cats. I do give it to my dogs, but just in the past few months I've had a vet tell me to give it to my cats, they've never mentioned it in the past. I am planning on starting the younger ones on some kind of heart worm prevention. My vet says the older ones probably shouldnt take it. I know there are other brands and was wondering if anyone was using this one or any others on their cats?
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We use Revolution it controls fleas ticks heart worm and ear mites! One treatment a month and we are worry free.

When I bathe the kittens (Persians) I add Malasab shampoo to make sure they won't break with ringworm. This has worked for me so far!

There are alot of outdoor cats in my neighborhood as well as squirrels, racoons, opossums, and tons of dogs, mostly kept in the back yards. We do have a flea problem outside as well as mosquitoes from the creek that can spread heartworms.
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Are the heartworm shots available in your area, and is there such a thing for cats? My mom lives near the Mississippi, and one dog, c. 60 lbs., gets a shot against heartworm once a year, while the other, 100 lbs., has to take the Heartguard chewables because of his weight. The cat gets neither, supposedly because heartworm isn't as big a problem with cats in that area. If I were you, I'd ask about the shot - that would be much easier to administer.
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I use Heartgard on my cats. I have been told (by a vet) that indoor cats (which mine are) are almost more likely to get Heartworms than outdoor cats because outdoor cats can develop somewhat of an immunity to them. I cut the chewable tablets in half and then hide them in a little bit of canned food and my cats gobble them up.
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