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Litter box problems

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A friend of mine has gotten her cat from a shelter about a year ago. When she got the cat the poor thing all four of her claws had been declawed. The cat which is a female has no problems about doing number one in the litter box, but number two she would do beside the litter box. My friend could deal with that. But now lately after her having the cat for a year, the cat has done number two another place in the house. If she takes the cat back to the shelter, they will euphanize her which is so sad. Yet my friend cannot have the cat pooping all over her house...my question is...being that the cat was declawed, is this the reason she wont do number two in the litter box? And also what can she do to solve this problem? Help
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reasons for this behavior. I guess I would start with a visit to the vet to rule out any physical problem. It should be easy to get a stool sample with her going everywhere. Has she changed litters. There are some crystal litters that are a bit sharp on the feet. Maybe she is adverse to "burying" her movement. Funny she uses it to urinate. I will keep thinking. Good luck.
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Also, some cats do not like to pee and poop in the same box. Has she tried putting out more than one box? She might consider putting out 2 or 3 boxes now, just to see what happens.

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I agree with adding more boxes, also she needs to thoroughly clean up the areas where kitty poops with a specific pet/enzyme cleaner.

Apparently many declawed cats have litter box issues.
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