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Danny almost took flight!

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So I live in a second story apartment. I always leave the blinds and windows open because, of course all three of the boys love to bird watch. Well Danny and Harvey often chase each other around the apartment like mad men, and the windows often are used as stopping points. They'll slam into them so hard, it's a wonder the don't get head trauma!

Well, today Danny did this, but he popped the screen out when he slammed into it! Thankfully the BF was right there so he grabbed him before he could fall out the window! Poor Danny, he took off and hid under the couch. It must have scared the mess out of him!

Looks like they only get blinds open from now on. Hopefully the never break a window, .
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That happened to us one time. Luckily not the second floor. My husband went out and screwed the screens in so they could not shift in the frame. No more worries there! They do get CRAZY!
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LOL I just posted about my kitty flying through my screen only she flew into the house not out!

I'm glad to hear Danny only suffered a scare and didn't fall out the window!
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Aww poor Danny! Such a frightful thing to do
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I posted about my cat, Roxie, flying out of our second story window over in Ellie's thread. I'm so glad your cat didn't get out the window - too scary!
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