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Update on Leo: Elevated ALT & Glucose

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I posted a couple weeks ago about Leo having a very elevated ALT of 660 and an elevated Glucose of 300. He was vomiting white foam and not eating.

It has been two weeks since his initial admission (he came home once but only lasted about 8 hours before symptoms re-appeared) and is now back home for continued treatment.

We spent almost $5,000 on Ultrasound, needle aspiration, and finally a liver biopsy. The vet was sure it was either Low-Grade Lymphoma or an Auto-Immune Disease (such as IBD). He did not have a fever or elevated white blood cell count.

However, the biopsy sent to Cornell University reveals that he has an infection of the liver that came down through the bile duct. Completely curable and treatable! I am so relieved. Dr. Wienkle said that Leo will take about 6 weeks to recover. He is on 4 medications (2 anti-biotics, 1 appetite stimulant and 1 anti-nausea) and is doing much better already.
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for continued improvement ... It is wonderful it is treatable ...
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I'm glad you found out what it was and that it's easily treatable!
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I'm glad that you were able to get a definitive diagnosis and even better, a definitive and working solution! I hope she continues to progress and congrats on the good news....your kitty is a lucky one to have a meowmy like you!
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I'm so glad you discovered his diagnosis!!! Keep it up!
I am wondering in the past if this is what kismet had. She was diagnosed with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis because she stopped eating for so long, and it took almost 2 months being tube fed at the vets for her to recover. However her initial symptoms were the same, and she was on the same drugs, by accident kind of. The antibiotics were a precaution, the anti-nausea and appetite stimulant because of the not eating and barfing, and she was on fluids Sub Q most days to help with hydration.

I'm very glad you found out what it was! for quick healing
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