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resigning from pen pal participation

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I apologize for any inconvienance, but our money situation is so bad right now.....I know buying things isn't an obligation to be a pen pal, but we are suppose to get our PP's packages at least twice a month, and I don't think I am going to be able to do that....I don't want to say I can, and then not be able to when the time comes....I hope that there are no hard feelings here because of this......email me or PM me or just leave me a message here..Thanks...
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Kathy, I think that your penpal would be quite understanding about not getting a package. I know I don't expect lots of things-I'm just excited about getting letters/emails from people I don't know. How about sending recipes or pictures of your cats? That might be an idea, too.
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I will be more than to remain on it if because that would probably be all I could do.....I am just living in the poor house right now.I can barely afford to have this computer and internet going....
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Kathy if you need to talk I am here for you (((((Kathy)))))
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Kathy, I'm sorry to hear about your financial problems! Still, I have always seen pen-pal exchanges as a way to get to know the other person. You get to know the other person through letters, personal interests, hobbies, home made crafts...etc!

The pen-pal exchange has never meant just sending 'purchased' items. I would much rather find out more about my 'pen-pal' than have an extra toy for Nakita. Make this more of a 'personal exchange' rather than a 'purchased exchange'.

You do have the right to drop out of this project, but I worry when people feel obligated to always 'buy' items. Just my thoughts.

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Hey letters are great! No need to get gifts at all. I love getting photos for my kitty room I'm sure others will feel the same.
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Rock&Fluff'smom - JUST SENT YOU A PM!
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Right back at ya Lhezzza!!

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Just letting everyone know, I am staying afterall...
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Kathy, Im glad you decided to stay! and I feel so much better after reading this thread, since I know Im not going to affor gifts, only letters and cards... and I know my pen pal - the one chosen for me (that Im writing her) - had already gotten stuff for me...

But I agree wuth whats been said. Im having a great time just getting to know people!

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