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Little Miss Cally comes out of her shell!

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I've been reading nightly to my little feral, who is still in full "I hate you" mode from last week's vet escapades. Some nights, she hides where I can't see her, but mostly she sits in her little cat cube where she can keep an eye on me. She often lays her head down to sleep while I'm reading, which I take as a fairly good sign that she's comfortable enough to know that I won't suddenly get up and eat her.

The other night, I decided to go ahead and let the boys visit with her a little, since they got along well enough when she first entered the house.

The transformation in her is amazing! She gets up out of her cube, walks straight up to whichever of the boys is closest, and puuuuuuurrrs and headbutts and loves all over them. Poor little thing must have been really lonely, she perked straight up!

Neither of the boys know exactly how to handle it - the big wimps are a little afraid of her. Billy will do the sniffing/cautious following around routine, but he doesn't know what to do with her headbutting. He has a very confused look on his face when she pushes him around as she's loving on him so much.

Chay is actually afraid of her - he's hissed to her face to get her to back off, but no actual violence or retaliation from either of them, so I'm keeping an eye on them to see if they should still be interacting. Cally doesn't seem to mind in the least - she just wants to be friends. Chay is always a little slower to warm up than Billy, so he'll come around soon.

She is just too cute though - rolling around on the floor, showing off her naked belly and making biscuits like crazy when the boys are around. What a funny little girl, to like other cats so very much, and in "her" space too! I just love her!
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That's very sweet. Perhaps it won't be too long before the boys can convince her that the human is OK, and will be a sucker for attention if she allows it.
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That must have been so awesome to witness!
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