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Chronic diarrhea -- test for parasites

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I've read a few posts concerning diarrhea in cats...

Many of you have suggested the diarrhea could be caused by specific foods. While that is certainly possible, you might want to check with your vet about possible parasites.

(1) Giardia Infection
(2) Tritrichomonas foetus

Most vets check for (1) each year during the annual checkup, but seldom test for (2) T-F.

Unless a cat is showing symptoms: of off-and-on-diarrhea there is no need for the latter test.

Unfortuantely, many vets are not aware of the T-F parasite and it can live for a lifetime in the cat if not detected/treated.

Symptoms: Often found in kittens. The diarrhea comes and goes. Stools are cow-pie shaped. Just about the time you think the cat is okay, another bout shows up.

Stools are very unpleasant smelling......rank is the word that comes to mind.

Cat may eat less or eat more than is normal.

More than one cat in your home? Often, if one cat shows symptoms but other cats do not, all cats in the home usually test positive for the TF. It's very infectious among felines.

Often, by the time the cat is 2 year old the diarrhea may resolve itself, but the parasite remains in the body.

Please check the Google wesite for Jody Gookin. She is a DVM at NC State University, Dept of Clinical Sciences. She is doing extensive research regarding the TF parasite. Her webstie is: http://www.cvm.nesu.edu/docs/personnel/gookin_jody.html.

Half-way down the page of this site look for

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Thank you for the info ... this is a well known issue on this site ...
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The link didn't work for me.
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That's strange, it didn't work for me either, and I've been using this link for weeks now.

You might try this: google the term Tritrichomonas Foetus....review the sites for Jody Gookin.....She's listed often under the T-Foetus issue.

I'm happy to learn that you folks are aware of this parasite. Because it is rarely tested for and treated, cats can infected all of their lives.

We have just completed dosing our two cats (14 days) with the drug Ronidazole and for the first time in over a year I think both cats are T-Foetus free. We will do retesting in a couple of weeks and again in several months.

One cat, Cherie, showed symptoms as a kitten, the othe cat, Billy did not, but both cats tested positive for the parasite.

Cher is now producing normal stools and is again very active.
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