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Remember my snake? apparently he has friends

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Anyone remember me posting that I found this snake when I opened my front door a month ago?

Well, two days ago I walked outside to smoke. I had taken my trash out and set it next to the door so I could walk it down to the trash dumpster when I came back out. It had been out there maybe an hour.

Mr Racoon tore the bag open and was busy eating some flat bread I had thrown out.

That's not really the bad part. i'm not at all afraid of racoons, But I do respect that they can really mess you up if they want to.

When i opened the door I was about 5 feet from him. it startled him and he ran back about 10 feet. he watched me, and when he realized I wasn't attacking, he came back. he was careful, but he came back. After a couple minutes of me just watching him, he looked down and resumed getting in the trash bag, ignoring me completely.

I walked back to my room, got the camera, went back out, and took about 10 pictures of him. The porch light i had to turn on because it was pitch black outside, and the flash from the camera were completely ignored.


When I walked out, he ran back a few steps as you can see here (actually this is once i came BACK outside after getting the camera)

After a couple minutes, he decided i wasn't a threat, and came back

As you can see here, after a few seconds, he had no problem dropping eye contact and resuming his trash eating. Can't believe that. he was only about 5 feet from me. I could have kicked him from that spot but he was completely care free. He stayed here a long time. Of course I just let him walk off, i didn't want to scare him away because he wasn't hurting anything.

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Rockie... you shouldn´t to be mischief!....
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I hope he doesn't have rabies. If he comes back be careful!
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There's raccoons at one of the feral colonies I look after. Occasionally I have to shoo them away when I'm trapping so I don't get one of them - they can be aggressive and stand their ground! Some have actually arched up and walked towards me causing ME to back off!

I quite like raccoons though - they have cute faces, and are clever!
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I'd much rather see the snake. At our old house it was a nightly occurence to hear the racoons tipping over the trash bin. Little boogers! One night we actually had a mama and her little ones. She stayed a good distance away just watching but the kids stayed at the buffet like we weren't even there.
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The raccoons are so cute!! But the snake...LOL, not so much...
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I do remember the snake. I wonder what you're going to open your door to next? Opossum, skunk, who knows?

He's sure a cute little guy though. Glad he didn't decide you were on his trash turf.... They can be mean little monsters!!
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Ooohhh, raccoons! I heard one of those animal trappers on Animal Planet say he'd rather wrestle a gator than deal with a 'coon in a closed in space like an attic or a bedroom!
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What a cutie! Bet you won't be leaving your trash out for any length of time again (not that an hour is very long!).

We used to trap racoons all the time when we were trapping cats. One of them was so huge we couldn't figure out how it got in the trap! We managed to let them out with no trouble - but they can be MEAN critters. Be careful!

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Yeah they can definitely be mean. When I use to hunt in Montana we dealt with them a lot. So much so we had to hang our food from a rope on a tree branch to keep them from getting it.

But I don't get bit or charged often. For one thing I love all animals so I wouldn't dream of hurting them (Snake or racoon), but I respect them too, and don't like scaring them. So usually I get left alone.

HOWEVER. I have a mighty strong kick, and i was ready just in case
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My grandmother had a pet raccoon for years. He was abandoned by his mother under her house. She found him screaming and took him to the vet. Once he passed rabies QT he was able to be vaccinated and became a pet.
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Racoons are so cool! That dude will probably be back looking for a meal. Maybe he'll find the snake!

There's a young racoon who's recently taken up residence in the large trees bordering our neighbour. We've seen him a couple of times, once while out walking the cats. Boy were they ever excited to see the racoon! We took them inside quickly, don't worry.
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