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Stuffy Nose

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My 20 yr 0ld cat is in the "Hospice" stage of her life. She seems relatively happy and doesn't appear to be suffering. The problem I'm concerned with right now is her nose is stuffed, eyes are running, and she is sneezing. She has never had a problem with alergies. What can I do to make her more comfortable? Another website said to put baby vicks on her nose. I did this, but now she can't smell her food and is not eating. I love my baby so much and I don't want her to suffer. I am aware that I may have to make a difficult decision in the near future. Please help-Thank you-Robin
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i am so sorry that your kitty is sick.

when my cats were sick with an upper respiratory infection my vet recommended that i put them in their carrier and get a cool mist (has to be cool) humidifier and put it in front of the carrier and then cover the carrier and humidifier with a garbage bag to direct the mist into the carrier. leave the back of the carrier uncovered. this is supposed to help open the sinus passages and help your kitty breath. my vet also gave a Rx for pseudo-ephedrine but being in a small town i could not get it filled

i would not recommend using vicks as a way to open the airways. there was a study done recently that it actually causes more harm than good in babies so i don't know if it would do the same for cats.

i am sorry that you are going through this. when my kitties were sick i didn't sleep for days. frodo was breathing through his mouth and drooling. what i did for them since they also gave up eating, i got the smelliest canned food i could get and then i put some on my finger and basically fed them off my finger for a few days.

i really really hope that your kitty feels better soon. i know that decisions like this are very difficult. (hugs)
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Thank you so much for your information. I will clean the vicks off her nose.
I read on another post on this website that the humidifier should be warm, not cold. It also said that sitting with her in a closed bathroom with the shower running hot would be helpful. I do have a cool humidifier, but not a warm one. I guess I'm not sure whether to use shower steam or the cool humidifier. I should probably call the vet. But thank you again for your info and compassion.
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when my kitties were sick we only had a hot humidifier and my vet said that it would work, but a cool mist humidifier would work best. what i did, since i have a cat that has anxieties in a carrier, was i put them in the bathroom for about an hour at a time with the humidifier going in there with them.

i think that calling your vet to be sure is the best idea. i hope that you are able to ease your kitty's illness soon.
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I talked to my vet and he said steam would be helpful. I cleaned all the vicks off her nose (thanks) and cleaned up any mucus and eye running stuff with a warm soft cloth. Then I took the longest shower of my life with her in the bathroom with me. She seemed content in all the steam, but was happy to leave when the hot water ran out. She ate some tuna in warm juice afterward and is now resting comfortably. Her breathing sounds much better and I haven't heard her sneeze since the shower. Thank you for your kind advice and support.

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no problem at all i know what it is like to go through something like that.

hugs to you and your kitty
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I'm sorry your kitty is having some health issues. Sounds like your showers have helped her and that she was very happy with a full tuna belly.

Welcome to the site
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