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Daily Thread TGIF May 22nd!

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Awwwww, it's my little neice's 4th birthday today I have sent a gift to my moms to be sent to her. I will likely call her too

So, its Friday!! It's going to be warm and mostly sunny today.

Josh and I are heading out for marriage counselling retreat all weekend. I am looking forward to the counselling, but not to being away for the whole weekend. No relax time

Ah well I guess.

Have a great day peeps!
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Hey Natalie!

Is the marriage class something you have to do for the church or something you guys just decided to do? I think it's a great idea

It's going to be a nice day here too, lots of sunshine

Not too much planned for the day. Visiting with some friends and maybe taking the little one for a walk in the stroller.
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Its an overcast start to the day but thankfully much less wind. Rain tonite though which means one task at a clients house I have to wait until Sunday to do. Temps aren't bad either!

Have a bunch of stops today to start planting stuff. Got to get all those plants out of my garage and into the clients properties.

Might pick up a couple of movies later this afternoon when I'm done working.

Cats are all relaxing-three of them nestled together on the bed-so cute!

Its Memorial Day weekend -nothing big planned except planting, weeding, cleaning......
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Morning All!!

Well I am up and about but still not feeling all that healthy. Cloudy and raining slightly here today.

Nothing much planned if I don't start feeling somewhat better today it may require a trip to the doctor's. Whatever it is it sure is knocking the stuffing out of me.

The kitties are fine, staying very close to me as they do when I am not feeling well.

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning! It's a warm day already. DS slept so well last night & I feel so rested.

It's a long weekend! DH is making pulled pork on Sunday. Saturday he is going to finish the garden and plant the rest of his tomatoes & peppers. DH's brother is bringing his GF's dog over Sunday. I am a bit nervous how the cats will react. We will keep the dog outside as much as we can.

The cats are dying to get out back for more than 5mins. They are lined up the door now staring at the birds and bunnies.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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Another record breaking temperture day for maine it hit 92 yesterday and high 80s today then back to normal temps..Watching grand daughter this morning.going to get the boxes planted to take over to the graves later on today..
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Well, I'm working 8-5 today and it's incredibly slow. I'm hoping they let us out early today, because of how slow we are. But who knows if they will.

Not doing much tonight. Dinner and maybe watching a movie with FH. Or some of our shows we have taped.
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fairly quiet day...

its another BEAUTIFUL day but I know its going to be hot later.

I had a physical therapy appointment super early this morning. Then did some errands and in the afternoon I have to attend my school's graduation. (since my orchestra is playing i Have to conduct) I am not looking forward to sitting in the hot over crowded gym in dress clothes and that really hot robe since the falculty has to wear our graduation gowns as well. Thankfully I saved mine from college!

Then its a hopefully a relaxing weekend.

the kitties are curled up next to me.
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good morning. It looks like a nice day outside. Today is me and BF's 4 year anniversary so im psyched about that. I had today preaproved off until we figured out he had to work so i told my boss id at least come in a half day, then im gonna relax the rest of the day.

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It is a beautiful sunny day. For the first time in two weeks all three kids will be at school today. Can you see the big smile on my face?
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Today is errand day for me. I'm taking care of the last minute things before my trip next week. I went to Borders and PetSmart this morning for some cat litter and things to read. Now I'm getting ready to hed out to drop off my recycling, visit my bank, and buy some groceries. Tonight I have to pay bills and take care of some things online, write some e-mails, etc. It's a really nice day to be out and about - sunny and 80. Tonight I'll probably watch a little TV and hang out with the kitties.
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