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The Milo Bully

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Hi all,

Need some suggestions about how to deal with a bully cat.

Milo is a smallish cat weighing in at 4.5kg's and he is very curious (As usual). We have a small garden with rock wall's a shed, some decking, water hole and bit's. Milo loves to explore but he always goes beyond the bounds.

Recently he's been coming home with scratches and bumps (He even lost half his toung in a battle - poor little mite). I've now found the problem!

About 300 meters up the road live's a bob tailed, grey, MASSIVE 500tonne monster cat. I've caught him 3 times chasing poor Milo and i've not a clue about what to do.

Do i keep Milo in the house? Do i try to scare off the other cat?

So far vets bill's have me at £150 for the repair to Milo's tounge. I don't want to have to pay more - more importantly i don't want my little boy getting hurt.

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I would keep him in. It may not be easy but it is for his health and your wallet. His health being the most important thing. You can take him out on a harness in your garden (which sounds lovely) but I wouldn't let him out alone.
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If you love your kitty and want him to have a happy and HEALTHY life, keep him inside, or else build him a secure yard enclosure. It may be tough love at first, but from my own experience it's the only answer.
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Originally Posted by James-and-Milo View Post
Hi all,

Milo loves to explore but he always goes beyond the bounds.
Is he neutered? My cats are outdoor like yours but they do not go beyond the property line. I think because they are "fixed", they have no interest in mating.
Furthermore, Milo is being bullied because he is trespassing on the territory of the "monster" cat. Other than keeping him indoors, you can invest on a yard enclosure or training Milo to come when called (if you see him wander off, he comes running back at your command).
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Yes he has been "snipped", it hasn't changed him much. It was doe about 4 months ago.

The big grey cat to with im refering comes into our garden and picks fights. I dont really want to keep my boy inside but if its what have to do then i guess its for the best
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