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Update on Dad

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Well after being cancelled last Friday, dad had his surgery this past Wed morning, all went well for the most part, they also discovered one kidney artery was damaged as well so the surgeon repaired that while he was in there.

He was only in ICU for a day and a half, he still has hoses and tubes hooked up to him though, provided his kidney hasn't been impaired he should be up and about in 2 weeks once his abdomen has a chance to heal.
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Wishing you and your father well. I hope he heals in record time and is home soon!
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Glad everything went smoothly. Wishing your father a speedy recovery!

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What a relief for you and your family! Hope all goes well and he comes home soon.
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Glad to hear things are going well for your dad... Keep us posted!
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Wahoo!! Glad to hear your dad is doing so well. Tell him to take it easy/relax and I am sure he'll be back on his feet in no time!
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My prayers are for a quick and complete recovery!
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