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How many books do you read at once?

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Of course I don't mean literally at once , but my reading friends seemed surprised that I keep so many books going at one time. For example, right now I am reading Duma Key by Stephen King, The Making of the African Queen by Katherine Hepburn, and In Silence by Erica Spindler. I often juggle about six books at a time...I just read according to my mood at the time.
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I used to do that all the time, but my max was four books. Now I find I just start and keep going, and I tend to finish one within 1 - 3 days (at the expense of sleep ). I guess as I get older I can't keep it all straight!

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How's the writing coming?

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I'm curious how the writings coming too

I use to read 3 books at a time. One at home late night before I go to sleep, a different book I keep in the car when I have to wait a long time in the docs office (I'm there a LOT), and I use to leave a book at work and read on my lunch hour since we all got seperate lunch times. Now I only read 2 at a time.
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I can usually do 3 books at once unless I get really involved in one book, in which case I will finish it before I start a new one.

How's Duma Key? I have it but I haven't started reading it yet.
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Personally, I read one at a time.... meaning one fiction. I may have a research type book on the go as well, or computer oriented books.... Currently I have no fiction, but I am running through my PS CS3 bible, plus my cat book, and a Flash CS3. I would add a fiction on top of that if I had one.

Fiction books, or "enjoyment reading" I can only read one at a time....prolly because I read really fast, and am done a hardcover within 3-4 hours. Educational or research books, I tend to dissect, so they take longer.
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i usually do one book at a time but right now im reading "slash", "the mindful way through depression" and " physics of the impossible"<<<its a really deep book, anyone interested in the universe its a must read.
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Usually one, But sometimes two.

I usually only tend to read at night before sleeping, but sometimes I will cart a book along with me if I know I have to be waiting somewhere for a ride or for an appointment. So if I'm almost finished my usual book, rather than cart it and a second one with me when I go out, I will just take the new book and start it and then finish up the first book either that night or over the next 2 nights.

I find that I tend to read mostly crime / FBI fiction dramas, so if I read too many at once I tend to get myself confused regarding the plot for each book.
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I have several started and it depends on my mood as to which one I want to read. Sometimes I only want to read lighter fare aka chick lit so I usually have some of those around.
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I love to read, it’s a passion for me. I will only read one book at a time because I love to get involved. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I always tell him I fall in love with the characters. I get so deeply involved with my books it’s almost real. I don’t think I would get that same feeling if I read more then one book at a time.

I do however have about 15 books I have bought that I have not read LOL. Every time I hear about a good book I immediately go ahead and buy it. Last week I went through my bookshelves (my boyfriend tries to hijack it sometimes) and noticed around 15 unread books LOL. I bet by the time I get to the last of the 15 I will have another 15 more lol.
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^There's an used bookstore in town that only occasionally opens. Last time I went in there I bought 20 books - all still waiting to be read. So I think I have you beat!

It depends on the books and what you consider "reading". I'll usually have a couple actively going at one time. But if you consider the ones that I only occasionally read on, it's more. I like to collect old sci fi anthologies and will read a story or two out of them here and there.
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One at a time. The public library is approximately 3 blocks from my house so I use it so frequently that the ladies that work there call me if a new book by one of my favourite authors comes in to ask me if I want to go on the list for it. That's one of the benefits of living in a small town.

When we moved to this house I had over 400 hardcover books and moved them all. When it was discovered we had no room for them I reluctantly let my hubby take them to his work, one carton at a time, to put in their lunch room for fellow employees to enjoy. I spent a small fortune on the Book Club so now prefer the library. I must say that I can get a book from my local library within 2 days latest. They can bring it in from the larger county library if they don't have it themselves. When it arrives they leave a message on my home phone that it's in.
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I love to read!!

I usually read about 2 personal books at a time and they are usually on vastly different subjects since i tend to shy away from fiction and stick to non-fiction and autobiographies.

In addition...I will be reading whatever i have to read for my classes during the that case I reduce the personal book to one and devote my attention to the piles of books needed for class.

The town I grew up in had a tiny library but wher eI live now has a great new library so I go and take out a few books at a time and read them. Since i go through books quickly I take a few out at a time so I am not at the library every week!
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I read two at a time, but it depends on what I'm reading. I think I'll start The Book of Negroes right now
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I have, wait..four going at the moment.
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Originally Posted by cats4sky View Post
i usually do one book at a time but right now im reading "slash", "the mindful way through depression" and " physics of the impossible"<<<its a really deep book, anyone interested in the universe its a must read.
I'm reading the mindful way through depression too! I am finding it very eye opening and hoping that I can glean some new ways of coping.
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I take out a ton of books at the library, usually 10 at a atime. I find some I lose interest on as I am reading so I have alternatives ready. I can read about 3 at a time.
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I do one at a time. For me, it's either i love the book and obsess over it or I toss it about 1/3-1/2 into it. So if I am obsessed and love a book there is no chance in hell i'm going to put it down and pick up another one
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I tend to read 2-3 at a time. But a lot of the time, I'll end up getting really into one of them and finish it and by that time, I've totally forgotten the plots/characters/etc. of the others!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
How's the writing coming?

Oh, dear! I can't figure out how to do more than one quote in a post. I am somewhat bad with the computer. Lil Maggie inquired about the writing, also. I must admit, it isn't going well. In fact, it's terrible. I just can't seem to get motivated. And I spend so much time on revision, though I know I shouldn't. When I quit my second job, I thought I'd be writing like crazy. In reality, I got more done when I was working two jobs. Then, I felt like I had to write when I had a spare moment because I had such little time. But thank you both for asking...maybe it will inspire me to write tonight.

And TigerOnTheProwl asked if Duma Key is any's excellent. For me, it started a little slow, but once I got started it's been hard to put down. I was looking for something really interesting because I'd just finished Twilight and that's a hard act to follow.
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Lots of motivational
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I can read 2-3 books at a time.I love to read but for the past few months I haven't been much.
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Usually one at a time, sometimes more. When I go to the library and check out around a dozen or more at a time I read them all in a row, sometimes skipped around a bit, but mostly one at a time.
When I was in school I would read my books inside the classroom books, got in trouble for it a lot But couldn't stop reading. Then in college I would read my book of choice plus whatever I had to for the class, but then again, those are special circumstances.
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