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How many books do you read at once?

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Of course I don't mean literally at once , but my reading friends seemed surprised that I keep so many books going at one time. For example, right now I am reading Duma Key by Stephen King, The Making of the African Queen by Katherine Hepburn, and In Silence by Erica Spindler. I often juggle about six books at a time...I just read according to my mood at the time.
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I used to do that all the time, but my max was four books. Now I find I just start and keep going, and I tend to finish one within 1 - 3 days (at the expense of sleep ). I guess as I get older I can't keep it all straight!

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How's the writing coming?

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I'm curious how the writings coming too

I use to read 3 books at a time. One at home late night before I go to sleep, a different book I keep in the car when I have to wait a long time in the docs office (I'm there a LOT), and I use to leave a book at work and read on my lunch hour since we all got seperate lunch times. Now I only read 2 at a time.
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I can usually do 3 books at once unless I get really involved in one book, in which case I will finish it before I start a new one.

How's Duma Key? I have it but I haven't started reading it yet.
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Personally, I read one at a time.... meaning one fiction. I may have a research type book on the go as well, or computer oriented books.... Currently I have no fiction, but I am running through my PS CS3 bible, plus my cat book, and a Flash CS3. I would add a fiction on top of that if I had one.

Fiction books, or "enjoyment reading" I can only read one at a time....prolly because I read really fast, and am done a hardcover within 3-4 hours. Educational or research books, I tend to dissect, so they take longer.
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i usually do one book at a time but right now im reading "slash", "the mindful way through depression" and " physics of the impossible"<<<its a really deep book, anyone interested in the universe its a must read.
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Usually one, But sometimes two.

I usually only tend to read at night before sleeping, but sometimes I will cart a book along with me if I know I have to be waiting somewhere for a ride or for an appointment. So if I'm almost finished my usual book, rather than cart it and a second one with me when I go out, I will just take the new book and start it and then finish up the first book either that night or over the next 2 nights.

I find that I tend to read mostly crime / FBI fiction dramas, so if I read too many at once I tend to get myself confused regarding the plot for each book.
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I have several started and it depends on my mood as to which one I want to read. Sometimes I only want to read lighter fare aka chick lit so I usually have some of those around.
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I love to read, it’s a passion for me. I will only read one book at a time because I love to get involved. My boyfriend makes fun of me because I always tell him I fall in love with the characters. I get so deeply involved with my books it’s almost real. I don’t think I would get that same feeling if I read more then one book at a time.

I do however have about 15 books I have bought that I have not read LOL. Every time I hear about a good book I immediately go ahead and buy it. Last week I went through my bookshelves (my boyfriend tries to hijack it sometimes) and noticed around 15 unread books LOL. I bet by the time I get to the last of the 15 I will have another 15 more lol.
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^There's an used bookstore in town that only occasionally opens. Last time I went in there I bought 20 books - all still waiting to be read. So I think I have you beat!

It depends on the books and what you consider "reading". I'll usually have a couple actively going at one time. But if you consider the ones that I only occasionally read on, it's more. I like to collect old sci fi anthologies and will read a story or two out of them here and there.
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One at a time. The public library is approximately 3 blocks from my house so I use it so frequently that the ladies that work there call me if a new book by one of my favourite authors comes in to ask me if I want to go on the list for it. That's one of the benefits of living in a small town.

When we moved to this house I had over 400 hardcover books and moved them all. When it was discovered we had no room for them I reluctantly let my hubby take them to his work, one carton at a time, to put in their lunch room for fellow employees to enjoy. I spent a small fortune on the Book Club so now prefer the library. I must say that I can get a book from my local library within 2 days latest. They can bring it in from the larger county library if they don't have it themselves. When it arrives they leave a message on my home phone that it's in.
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I love to read!!

I usually read about 2 personal books at a time and they are usually on vastly different subjects since i tend to shy away from fiction and stick to non-fiction and autobiographies.

In addition...I will be reading whatever i have to read for my classes during the semester...in that case I reduce the personal book to one and devote my attention to the piles of books needed for class.

The town I grew up in had a tiny library but wher eI live now has a great new library so I go and take out a few books at a time and read them. Since i go through books quickly I take a few out at a time so I am not at the library every week!
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I read two at a time, but it depends on what I'm reading. I think I'll start The Book of Negroes right now
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I have three..no, wait..four going at the moment.
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Originally Posted by cats4sky View Post
i usually do one book at a time but right now im reading "slash", "the mindful way through depression" and " physics of the impossible"<<<its a really deep book, anyone interested in the universe its a must read.
I'm reading the mindful way through depression too! I am finding it very eye opening and hoping that I can glean some new ways of coping.
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I take out a ton of books at the library, usually 10 at a atime. I find some I lose interest on as I am reading so I have alternatives ready. I can read about 3 at a time.
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I do one at a time. For me, it's either i love the book and obsess over it or I toss it about 1/3-1/2 into it. So if I am obsessed and love a book there is no chance in hell i'm going to put it down and pick up another one
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I tend to read 2-3 at a time. But a lot of the time, I'll end up getting really into one of them and finish it and by that time, I've totally forgotten the plots/characters/etc. of the others!
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Originally Posted by LDG View Post
How's the writing coming?

Oh, dear! I can't figure out how to do more than one quote in a post. I am somewhat bad with the computer. Lil Maggie inquired about the writing, also. I must admit, it isn't going well. In fact, it's terrible. I just can't seem to get motivated. And I spend so much time on revision, though I know I shouldn't. When I quit my second job, I thought I'd be writing like crazy. In reality, I got more done when I was working two jobs. Then, I felt like I had to write when I had a spare moment because I had such little time. But thank you both for asking...maybe it will inspire me to write tonight.

And TigerOnTheProwl asked if Duma Key is any good...it's excellent. For me, it started a little slow, but once I got started it's been hard to put down. I was looking for something really interesting because I'd just finished Twilight and that's a hard act to follow.
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Lots of motivational
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I can read 2-3 books at a time.I love to read but for the past few months I haven't been much.
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Usually one at a time, sometimes more. When I go to the library and check out around a dozen or more at a time I read them all in a row, sometimes skipped around a bit, but mostly one at a time.
When I was in school I would read my books inside the classroom books, got in trouble for it a lot But couldn't stop reading. Then in college I would read my book of choice plus whatever I had to for the class, but then again, those are special circumstances.
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