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Jackie's Pictures

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Here's a few of Jackie at the show and at home:

Jackie and his ribbons:
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And at home:
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Showing off the bod:
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Jack looks great in all the pictures.
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I love the photos, Martice. I can see why he is doing so well!
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He's a handsome fella. You do need to stop calling him Jackie though.

You'll give him a complex and he'll become even more rambunctious to overcome it.
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Nice little boy Martice
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But Nial - Charlie is Charlie, so we just start calling him Jackie. Should we use "Mr. Jackie"? Or Cpt Jackie?

Actually he's neutered, so what does he care?

And a friend of mine has a lavender-cream MALE calico Cornish Rex kitten - his grandfather is a MALE calico.

They are debating on calling him either Victor-Victoria or A Boy Named Sue Too.
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I know a couple of Aby and Somali studs called Fairy and Fifi, so I think Jackie will be okay
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That is like caling me Jack which people do.
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He's still a kitten - when he grows up we'll call him Cpt Jack. Nial what about Jackie Boy? Sometimes we call Charlie, Charlie-Boy.
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My boys get called all sorts of nonsense (Radey-pops, Radey-splots, Splodgkins, and The Catastrophizer; Sonniboo and Sonni-le-boo; Jakey Woo, Jakey Wakey Woodle Noodles, Noodlebrain, and Pink Panther) and it doesn't seem to have had any effect on their sanity... oh, actually hold on, maybe it has....

GK he's absolutely GORGEOUS! He looks big compared to my menagerie of slinkies tho But so lovely
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Showing off the bod:
Oh, he's got SUCH long legs!!! And such a long tail, too! What a handsome guy he is.
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