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OREO's having surgery right now!  

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My Sphynx momma cat, OREO has just gone into surgery. She has been vomiting for the last three days. Only a couple of times a day but she has not eaten or drinkin since it began either. I had her at the vets office the first day because I knew immediately something was wrong. They thought possibly a uterine infection, but her babies are 8 weeks old. They started lots of sub q fluids and antibiotics, injected and oral. She was still going down hill. They cannot find anything on the xrays but her small interstines are bloated making them think there is some kind of obstruction. Please pray that they find something they can fix and she makes it thru surgery in her weak state. I am so worried.....
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Good vibes for you and her. You must be beside yourself with worry.
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They have been in surgery for 40/50 minutes no word yet. Front desk said she would call as soon as they new something... I am sick to my stomach.
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for Oreo
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Oh I know you must be worried sick .........sending lots of be well vibes that way
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That she makes it through surgery without any complications.
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I hope everything is okay!
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Prayers she will be ok.
That is a long time.
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Oh I hope she is ok lele, I am worried for her and you. I know what it's like having an issue with a cat and you don't know what it is. I am glad that the vet has intervened with surgery, hopefully she'll make a full recovery!

You and your kitties are in my thoughts daily. Just to make you smile a little on a worrisome day, I have attached a picture of Maddie playing inside on my daughter's trampoline. They love being outside when it's nice, but it's been super cold recently.

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How is Oreo today?
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Sorry I didn't update last night. She DID make it thru surgery, just barely. Her temperature dropped on the operating table to 90.1 degrees and she aspirated some stomach contacts. She stayed in the hospital and will be there all day today on iv antibiotics and warming to get her stabilized. I am hoping she makes a quick turn around today and can come home. We are still so worried about her. Here is what was wrong~~~ I don't have the official terms but basically her bowel retracted inside itself in the upper portion of the small intestines which caused an obstruction. She was full of gas and yucky bacteria. They had to dissect about 4 inches of bowel but she said if it was going to happen that was the best area to happen. She should have full function after she recovers. I asked why this would happen and she said that it is most common in cats with chronic diarrhea but that is not Oreo's case so it is just a fluke. She was so pitiful when I saw her in recovery and I am just so glad she made it and seems to be stabilizing.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts!!
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Just got an update from the vet and news ins'nt good. She kindof crashed this morning and her oxygen saturation is extremely low (80). She asked me if I wanted heroic measures??? I guess you can read into that huh?? I told her that I don't want her to be in pain.. She said she was either going to turn around here in an hour or so or get worse. She is supposed to call me in an hour or two and let me know if things get better. I am just beside myself. I don't want my girl to die. Please send good vibes that she recovers from this.
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Prayers for your Oreo. Go be with her if you can.
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They didn't want me in there while they were trying to stabilize her becuase she hears my voice and goes crazy then starts to pant. She said if it came time she would call me in plenty of time to love on her and speak with her before she goes. I just really don't want to think about that and I want her to pull thru..
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I hope there will be a miracle and she will live.
Prayers for her to get better.
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I hope she will be ok! I will pray for her.
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I'm sorry about Oreo. She is in my prayers.
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Any updates?
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My thoughts are with you. I just allowed two of my girls to go to the bridge, and I know the pain that goes with it. I really hope and pray that you do not have to experience that .

gentle hugs
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I'm just now seeing this. Hope it's not too late to send that Oreo pulls through.
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Oreo is still alive but barely. The vet sent her home with me. I am keeping her warm and as comfortable as possible. I don't know if she will make it thru the night. She looks like a bag of bones and is absolutely pitiful. I am not allowing my kids to see her she looks awful.... I don't see how she can come back from this but praying she will..Her oxygen sats were back to normal when we left and temp was good but she is panting and weak. Keep praying!!
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for your little cookie girl to survive!!!!!! for you!
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Lele, I am so sorry for all of this that you are going through. I am keeping you in my thoughts tonight in hopes that she makes it through the night. I thought about phoning you, but I knew that you were busy enough without the interuption, so I thought I would just be here on TCS for support.

Please keep us updated on her status. I know we all are hoping for a good outcome, and we're here for you whenever you need us
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REST IN PEACE my sweet OREO. She is gone.....She died in my arms. I can't even say anymore too raw...
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So sory abut Oreo
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My mentor says she is very sorry about Oreo.
Please extend my sympathies to the cat's owner. Heartbreaking indeed!!!!
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Lele, I'm so sorry. RIP sweet Oreo.
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I'm so sorry. I'm sure Chelsea and Mitzi will be there to great her. I know the pain you are having now, as my two just went a couple of days ago.
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I will now close this thread.

I'm very sorry lele. When you feel up to it, why don't you make a thread in our Crossing the Bridge forum?

May Oreo RIP.

ETA - Oreo's Bridge thread:

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