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I've lost my favourite kitten picture!! i've been trying to find it all over the web again but i can't find it.. i have a very very small picture that i have attached so you can all see what i'm going crazy about!

anyway, if anyone of you (cat/kitten research experts) could help me, even in the most minimal way, find this lil picture again, i would soooooo greatly appreciate it.

thanks in advance

i know it's just a picture, and i'm making a big deal... i swear i'm not crazy
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please.... anybody??
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I have no ideas to help you. Just wanted to let you know that sometimes on the weekends this board is a little slow. A lot of our regular members use the internet at work, and may not be around on the weekend.
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Sorry- don't even recognize it- plus can't see it very well. I need new glasses.

My suggestion is to go on Google and do an Image Search for the subject Kitten.

Maybe you will find it there- there are pages and pages of kitten pictures
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I am a little confused. Is it a picture you personally took, or one that you happen to just like?
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I have no clue . . . maybe do a search for "kitten pictures"?
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thanks for all your replies ..

it's not a picture i took myself, it's just one i found doing a search on kittens about a year ago.. i thought that maybe some people would recognise it (bit of a long shot, i know).
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