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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Actually, I think it takes a bit more than that - since people can take caffeine containing meds (Excedrin) and not have issues with it. Then again, I don't know how strong you make your coffee!
I do like it strong but that actually = less caffeine ( former Barista ie coffee girl)... I rarely take excedrin as my body is not used to more than a cup of coffee ( my teas are low to no caffeine)...

Essentially if your body is used to it NO Effect ... If you are not then great diuretic until your body gets used to it ... Somewhere I have several articles pertaining to this ... Mostly written by pulmonary doctors as I researched it for my Mom and her issues
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
it only works if one is not used to it or if used in a not usual amount... ie my 1 coffee a day has not effect but if I drank 3 in a day it would.. there are studies explaining that
I am the same way..... I've found since quitting smoking, I am way more sensitive to caffeine. I can only have 1-2 cups a day, whereas before, I'd have 6-12 depending on the day. But along with the diuretic effect, I also get extremely jittery and more anxious that normal, so I say away from excess caffeine.

Oh, my bloodwork should be in today so I'll be giving them a call later on and seeing if I can get a copy of it so I can compare it to my last bloodwork 2yrs ago.
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