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More info on my sisters kitten!!!

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I have some one from a sphynx group helping me.
He found out that the parents do not have any points in CFA.
I wonder if the dam was ever showed.
I doubt the sire was ever shown the way he looks.
He is going to check the cats that she said were the parents first to see if they were shown.
My sisters kittens breder posts bad things about othr breeders also.
What a hypricate that breeder is.
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Its pretty obvious by now that the cats in question are not the right ones on the pedigree. I'm not surprised at all about the cats never being shown. You can't show a longhair Devon to start. IMO none of her Devons are show quality cats from the pictures I've seen on the website. Not sure about the Sphynx, but suspect they too are not that great of an example if the Devons are poor pet quality.

This was a very hard and expensive lesson for your sister, but hope she will learn from it all the next time she really wants a purebred - and has a happy ending instead of this mess.

BTW can your sister post some pictures of the baby? See how she looks now that you've had her for about a month. I'd like to see what she is turning out to be.

I did have ONE Cornish Rex kitten that did not get curls on her coat (she was one of the sweetest in personality tho). I understand that she was about a year or two before she got a very slight wave down the spine to indicate she was a Cornie. She had all the wrong things you don't want in a rex - but this was one of the few I bred that really was pet quality - 90% of mine were showable quality kittens.
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I wonder if her Sphynx are ok also.
My sister did learn the hard way.
She will get another purebred cat later on.
I wonder if the ribbons on her website are fake?
I know she cant show that cat the way he looks.
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Not hard to fake ribbons - maybe some cats in the past got awards - easy to pass those on to another cat.
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Thats what I was thinking.
You can not see what shows the ribbons are from either.
I bet its on purpose.
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I have wondered how the situation was going and how kitty was doing.
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The kitten is fine.
She weighs nothing when you pick her up.
We have some more answers now also.
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I wondered about this too...I'm sorry your sister had to go through all of that What do you mean the kitten weighs nothing? Do you mean there are some genetic problems with the kitten? The last thing I remember is that it wasn't a purebred but was being sold as one...Is there more to the story?
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She is fine.
She has grown a lot but does not weigh that much.
We did find out more about the breeder.

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This is all a real shame, I feel bad for your sister.

Every breeder occasionally has a kitten that has several bad features that makes it not an ideal example of the breed - the same way that breeders will occasionally produce an absolutely amazing perfect stunner with everything absolutely right sometimes the reverse can happen and several features will be a bit out of whack (we have a term for this in the UK, such kittens are referred to endearingly as 'bunnies' and a good breeder will point out faults to prospective kitten families to make sure they know what's what before choosing! And usually be a bit overprotective of such kittens to make sure they will be loved regardless! My Sonic is one of those and his breeder pointed out his every shortcoming to me to ensure that I still wanted him as my pet, as I wasn't going to show or breed it was the best decision ever as it turned out because I could not have wished for a better companion!), but most should be of good type IMO.

That "longhaired Devon" photo you put up rang every alarm bell in my body. Here in the UK we have an outcross programme for Cornish Rexes as we have a tiny genepool (not sure about Devons as they are more numerous) which means there are straighthaired variant Cornies going to pet homes but even so longhair is not allowed to get into the lines of either breed, it's one of the worst sins a Devon/Cornie breeder can commit, other than those related to health and welfare.
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Ep, if you have ever traced some of the Cornies back to Kallibunker (I have) you will find there is one or maybe two times of an accident Persian/Cornie cross. Its about 2-4 generations from Kalli, I think.

So the LH gene is in the gene pool. I've only known of TWO LH Cornies (one I saw in person, and I know the breeder of the other one). They are ugly IMO and the one owner used to just shave the Cornie down to have a short curly coat. Both would not be living by now.
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