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my isis died :(  

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You guys probably don't remember me but I came here looking for advice for Isis. She was diagnosed with asthma but since we moved into the house 2 years ago, we were able to wean her off her meds.

She died suddenly last night. I saw her and petted her at 10pm and she was fine, completely normal. At almost 1am, I heard a scream and I thought it was my kiddo that had woken up and was calling for me but it was Isis. She was on the floor, gagging, white mucous coming out of her mouth. Her tongue and under her tongue were all white. I tried to see if anything was blocking her airways but I couldn't see anything.

She died so fast. From the time I found her to when she died was 2 minutes. She died in my arms.

I don't what happened. She had been completely normal.

I know no one really has the answers but I wanted to let you guys know and knowing that you guys understand helps too.

She's being cremated and her ashes are going to be put in a ceramic cat.

I put a tribute to her in the rainbow bridge
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll close this thread and let folks pay their tributes in your bridge thread.
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