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Wow, talk about bad luck

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Wow! My day has sucked today. Here is a short version Lol

-\tWoke up early to the sound of our fire alarm going off for no reason.
-\tThen Bruno jumped on me and scratched up my whole arm.
-\tGot into my car and hit the curve on the way out and the bounce made my finger jam into the steering wheel and my nail turned upside down and started to bleed
-\tTook Bruno to daycare and stepped into a water filled hole and twisted my ankle and got my pants soaked.
-\tWent to the drive through at Tim Hortons (Coffee shop) and spilt my coffee on my pants while driving

This next part is the worst! I am a horror movie fanatic, I love gore, the nastier and bloodier the better, and I have a very strong stomach. When it comes to real life blood I become a total wimp. I faint when I see blood. I went to the bathroom at work and noticed my nose was bleeding! It as bleeding pretty bad…so what did I do?.... I FAINTED!!! At work!!! I fainted and slammed my head against the wall, and fell on the floor. Got up, stopped the bleeding. Went to the bathroom again 15 min later feeling my nose bleeding again, looked in the mirror…. And fainted AGAIN!! Slammed my head again.

Its only 11AM!! Im scared to move. The only good thing about this whole thing is I am making my friends laugh at my expense so its lightening up the whole thing.

I need to go to lunch in an hour… I’m scared LOL…. What a morning!
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Goodness--I think you just need to lie down.

Hope your day gets better!

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OMG that's crazy...I've had similar days too and I know how you feel. There are times when you feel like absolutely nothing goes right in your life, but you will soon see that there is an end to it I hope the rest of your day counter balances the bad part.
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This is definitely one of those "should have stayed in bed" days for you. It can only get better!
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
This is definitely one of those "should have stayed in bed" days for you. It can only get better!
for a better afternoon
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
This is definitely one of those "should have stayed in bed" days for you. It can only get better!
...... for you...
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Ouch! I hope Bruno has apologized. And your friends should apologize for laughing at you. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist )
for a safe lunch.
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Well…. I am alive! Hahah. Thank you for all of your good wishes. So far, since passing out at the sight of my blood I have only stubbed a toe. I have also turned into the office jester it seems LOL. I’ve heard a few times already “Watch out! That wall might jump out at you!†or people pretending to mock be afraid of me because of my bad luck. Its all in good fun and I’m glad my horrible pain has turned into good fun, but sheesh are people ever ripping on me. I guess that’s my fault! If I get one piece of ammo to joke around (in good fun and good friends only just in case) I always use it LOL. What goes around comes around. Lol
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Not to make light of your misfortunate day but you sound like a walking funny silent movie

Hope you have a better evening!
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Originally Posted by GoldyCat View Post
And your friends should apologize for laughing at you.

At least you are laughing about it, what else can you do
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Bless your heart!
Here are vibes for a better day tomorrow!
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Wow...that really sounds like one of those's hoping tomorrow will be much easier on you than today was.
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Please make an appointment to see your doctor about your nose bleeds. It isn't normal to have a spontaneous nose bleed as bad as you are describing. There could be an underlying medical condition causing it.
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Well, I am still alive! I went home last night, got my book, a glass of wine and spend 2 hours not moving catching the last rays of sun on my deck. It was amazing and relaxing. I had no more accidents… well unless your count my boyfriend surprising me with Dairy Queen soft Ice cream and me spilling half of it on myself LOL. That a good clumsy though.

As for my nose I have a feeling it has something to do with the air quality in my building. I find sometimes i will get a massive headache as soon as I get to my office, then when I leave it almost immediately goes away. Same with allergy symptoms, they almost always come when I get to work, and always go away when I leave. It also affects my skin. At work I am constantly feeling so dry my hands almost hurt, I am always putting on lotion. Additionally, I am ALWAYS thirsty. I must drink 10 cups of water and still don’t feel refreshed. I hear other people complaining about it as well. I think maybe because it was so dry here, and I had the allergy symptoms I blew my nose 20min before this happened it just started bleeding.

If it happens again I will for sure go to the Doctor. But I am almost positive its my horrible work air quality which I have complained about many times. Thanks so much for the concern though, I swear, this site has the biggest group of sweethearts anywhere.
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Dry air will make one prone to nose bleeds. I have a brother in law with that problem (it's always dry in Oklahoma). Saline sprays may help a little but you have to keep up with using them and you can't use them if you have had a nose bleed that day.

It's a bit strange that it's pretty much only your real blood that bothers you! Your vagal nerve must be really really easily tripped for that to take you down so easily. Have other strong emotions ever made you lightheaded or faint?
As for all the water you drink, you need some electrolytes with it, too. If you can find a healthy replacement drink for them that isn't full of sugar or artificial sweeteners you may want to try drinking that more. Apparently, if you can find it, some of the Recharge are healthy.
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When I was younger (early teens) I used to faint if any emotion was too high. Fear, happiness, anger, anxiety. I also suffered from anxiety attacks. Sometimes I would faint for no reason. Broke my tailbone horseback riding, I fainted, and landed on my back on pavement, also broke 7 of my toes due to my horse stepping on my feet. The Doctor said something about my sugar being low I think.

Now my emotions are pretty much in check. I can go through anything with solid emotions. My nickname jokingly by family and close friends is “The Ice Queen” not because I am heartless and cold, but because I am usually emotionless on the outside and tend to be the strong one in tough situations (In public, I am an emotional pansy in private LOL). I am pretty relaxed, I love to make fun of myself, and am usually happy enough to find myself in stupid situations. It took a LONG time to get there though.

However sometimes if I fear something stressful close to home (Family seriously sick, boyfriend breakups, animals hurt or dying) I feel faint but never actually go down. That’s weird you would say that, I have never heard of that before and never really thought to look it up why I was fainting so much. Or why I feel faint and sick when I am seriously stressed out.

Also, battling with my weight. I have gained 20 lbs since moving to NB. I am afraid of sports drinks. I should see if there are low cal ones out there.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I haven’t always been afraid of blood. It only started about 5 years ago when I had to get my German Shepherd a biopsy for a weird growth she had on her eye and chin.

They do this thing where they sort of put her under, (WARNING this is going to get graphic) so as she lay twitching on the table I was told to hold her because she kept trying to twitch off. The Vet then put the needle in her growth on her chin and she started bleeding profusely. The Vet gave me a cloth to hold under her chin and the cloth got soaked (it was too small) and I got blood all over my hand. I stood there watching the love of my life, my best friend twitch half asleep, obviously uncomfortable with her blood dripping down my hand holding a bloody cloth to her chin. It seemed like forever, finally the Vet was done, took over the cloths holding. I looked at my baby and was so upset at the state of her I started crying and passed out. When I woke up I had blood on my pants and shirt from the blood on my hands…. Ever since then I have fainted when I see blood. I think its one of the most traumatizing experiences emotionally for me. That was my precious baby.
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